It is being reported on the net that Datel Design has filed an anti-trust lawsuit in San-Francisco federal court against Microsoft.  The reason behind this move?  Because its alleged that a recent update caused 3rd party memory packs (namely Datels) to become incompatible.

Of course since the memory packs don’t come from Microsoft, it appears they can be bought cheaper and makes one wonder if the distasteful practice of the user saving money has caused Microsoft to switch them off? Id say no, its more likely that Microsoft just wants you to “do it their way, or not at all” (IMO)

In respect of the Datel Card compared to the official Microsoft one, Datel had this say:

The Microsoft memory card does exactly the same thing – with the difference that it offers only one-quarter the memory while listing for the same retail price…

Datel go on to say:

Antitrust law protects the right of consumers to choose. Just as a car manufacturer can’t require a buyer to purchase tires for the life of the car from the manufacturer, Microsoft cannot force consumers to buy accessories only from it. Free competition in the marketplace allows consumers the most choices at the best prices. Datel believes that its antitrust lawsuit will restore competition and permit consumers to enjoy the benefits of their Max Memory cards, as well as the many other innovative products Datel has in the pipeline…

“Microsoft cannot force consumers to buy accessories only from it”? – In my opinion, I wouldn’t count on it.

For those people “lucky” enough to have an Xbox 360, the following music video may bring back some happy memories.

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