Zune coming to the UK! Lets have a party!


Does Zune have the same image as the Ipod? Microsoft seems to think it can flog you one...I wonder if Microsoft have worked out that one of the things that sold the Ipod was image. Microsoft image? lol. A complete Microsoft solution in the home? We've talked about that before haven't we?

As long as its not a new year one!

New year will be remembered by some as a bit of a flop.   Thats if they were relying on a Zune to provide the entertainment for their festivities since it was well documented that some Zunes epic fail over the new year was something that Microsoft is no stranger to, that being a bug.

For those that even knew what a Zune was, we were safe in the knowledge that it had only been inflicted on the US market and whilst Microsoft was dabbling in yet another area of the tech market, the Ipod was gathering pace in the UK.   Of course the Zune brand is more than a piece of hardware and Microsoft is wanting to bring that brand to your TV, Mobile and anything else it lays it grubby little protuberances on (IMO).

Now it seems Microsoft want a part of that market.  Though since its Microsoft IMO it wants it all…”Do it our way or not at all” and the Zune and its associated product line is the answer.?!?

Of course Microsoft doesn’t seem to understand that the tech behind the Ipod wasn’t the only thing that sold it, it was also (rightly or wrongly) the brand image of Apple.  From what Ive seen, its hardly the same to have a Microsoft piece of hardware in your pocket as it is an Apple Ipod and it appears even the legendary MS faithful Andre Da Costa is in love with his Ipod, where he says:

Came back from gathering early in the evening, I was so amazed how the iPod Touch can be such a lengthy conversation piece


…I am in love with my iPod Touch…

and he’s been banging on about various Ipod related topics ever since.  Lets hope he paid for the Ipod and its not another laptop example…(Andre since you’ve commented here and read the blog, maybe you would like to clear that up?)

The same cannot be said for the Zune (IMO) and if here in the UK its image that sold the Ipod, what will happen to the young person who turns up at school with Microsoft’s offering?  Mind you could the Zune be a crime prevention tool?  Carry a Zune and you won’t get robbed?

Of course Microsoft is looking forward to bringing Zune to its other platforms and maybe highlights what I said in a previous article about “theres always something to buy and always someone who wants to sell it to you”.  Microsoft are alleged to have said:

Tapping into the Xbox community is great for us, and hopefully can add to our 35 million users

Although they won’t be “tapping in” to the customers they recently switched off live and they won’t be tapping into the customer who were plagued with the “red rings of death” problem and left for the greener pastures of a PS3 or WII.

Lets have a look at some of the comments on Zune and all look forward to its “UK invasion”:

…the Zune gave me more problems. But being a good sport I stuck with it. But it would constantly freeze, the software eventually wouldn’t work on my computer…


and moving on heres an unhappy parent who had a bad purchase of Zune:

Subsequently I bought my daugther an Apple Itouch but I don”t think it will ever erase my memory of her tears and disappointment


theres a forum thread where one unhappy user wants Zune issues to be listed:

the software sucks ass, one time it can sync my videos. When i delete it and try again. It doesn’t work


but lets save the best (or the funniest) for last:

Its the weirdest thing, but the squircle (the touchpad interface) on my zune 80 is just slightly misaligned.  Its a little bit off being parallel with the bottom of the player and the screen, it took me a few days to even notice.  Its like a really hot girl with a pimple right in the middle of her forehead,

and its seems the quality of the build is not limited to one “lucky” user:

The squirkle on my Zune 80 is crooked and not aligned either.

We all know about the build issues of some 360’s, so this to me comes as no surprise.  You can visit that forum here.

The complaints of the Zune are well documented on the net, although thats of little consequence since Zune has failed (IMO) to grasp the interest of the mainstream US market.   Its reported from earlier this year here that whilst Apple continues to shift their product at around 250,000 units per day, Zune has about 3.2 million total unit sales.  Readers of Microsoft-Watch may remember that roughly this time last year a reader was reporting seeing the Zune in his local stores “bargain bin” whilst Apples offering were locked behind the counter to prevent theft.

Microsoft are alleged to have said:

The strategy and vision of Zune is to continue to build out that full entertainment experience…

and anyone with access to a search engine can find out exactly what that “full entertainment experience” really is.

You can read more about the Zune here: http://www.techradar.com/news/portable-devices/microsoft-zune-finally-arrives-in-the-uk-650913

Goblin – bytes4free@googlemail.com


11 thoughts on “Zune coming to the UK! Lets have a party!

Add yours

  1. Thats a good find!!

    It not quite as cringe worthy as the Windows 7 party ads, but its a close second…

    Just goes to show you (IMO) that people are happy to sell their dignity for an MS paycheck.

    Thanks for the link!

    1. It`s just too “good” not to share (like watching a slow motion train wreck) I personally like the guy high tailing it out of the store at 1:31 and what looks like a theft at 2:14

      either way please share

    1. Hi!

      Im talking about how the Zune has been received to date, the idea that image at least partly sells the product (something Apple seem to have grasps) and the idea that Microsoft wants (IMO) to provide all your entertainment solutions in the “front room”

      Quote “and user reviews are above average.” – That gives me little confidence.

      For me Microsoft made a rod for their own back when they refused to admit about the issues with Vista. For years we saw glowing reports and our vocal Microsoft supporters made comments such as “Vista is loved” look at some of the exhibits in Comes V Microsoft and then ask, why should I (notice I) believe anything that is written about Microsoft technologies ever again? but more importantly why should I spend my money on their products at all?

      Thanks for visiting.

  2. Zune`s an “also ran” product, on a side note if anyone out there looking for a DAP that supports Linux try something from Cowon`s iaudio line..


    As well as linux support you get one of the highest rated in sound quality players out there.

  3. A thing that worries me about the comment:

    “You’re posting complaints over discontinued models?”

    As if thats some sort of justification. We saw the same with Vista and my question would be, what happened to the customers that bought those models?

    I haven’t even touched on the latest Zune yet, but this to me seems like its OK older models were hopeless, they are better now.

    Which reminds me, is the consumer the paying tester for the Zune technology or will they now, since apparently the latest models are great, get a free upgrade?

    Somehow I already know the answer.

  4. I seem to remember that MS was discontinuing all Zunes except for the HD one, maybe I got that wrong. But if I didn’t, maybe what MS is trying to do is to liquidate most of its massive stock of Zunes, by selling them outside of the USA now. As few in USA now have the money to waste on Zunes.

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