Friday 13th might only be an unlucky day through superstition, however it may be more real for Microsoft.  It is being rumoured that the eagerly awaited Google OS is going to be released in the coming week.

A more comprehensive article (and the source of the reports) can be found at:

I bet this is one Friday the 13th Steve Ballmer will remember (if the rumour comes to fruition) and whilst on the subject of Steve Ballmer, lets remember an alleged remark he made in the past (in reference to Eric Schmidt leaving Microsoft for Google:

F##king Eric Schmidt is a f##king p#ssy. I’m going to f##king bury that guy, I have done it before, and I will do it again. I’m going to f##king kill Google.

You can see an article on that particular tirade here:


Whilst the rest of the world is reporting leaving the recession, it appears the UK still has its issues.   That adds to the depressing figures of 2.46 million unemployed.  2000 CCJ’s in the first few months of the year and it seems that whilst the rest of the world are celebrating, the UK is lagging behind.

It is being reported that the government is proposing to give people wishing to file for bankruptcy the ability to do it online.  This proposal would remove the cost, which is intimidating, time consuming and costly.  Its hoped that decisions will be made within days rather than months with the new system.

Should it be made more simple to file for bankruptcy?  In my opinion, no and there are  many reasons why bankruptcy is not simply “wiping the slate clean”.


It is being reported that Windows 7 has not been received as well as the Microsoft PR machine (or any of its faithful) would like you to believe.  Peter Whatnell of Sunco is reported to have said:

Windows 7 runs like a champ on my personal netbook, but we don’t really need it,

and does that remind anyone of the series of articles I wrote asking about a killer feature or selling point that make the move from XP worth the money.  Does anyone remember I asked what on earth Windows 7 could do that I on a Linux platform couldn’t?  Of course the question was never answered properly here in my opinion and we even had a Microsoft employee comment.  You can re-read that here:

You can read the CW article here:


Google is working on its own programming language called GO which has been (so far) two years in the making and aims to cater for simple app development without detrimental effects on performance.  Currently being internally tested, proof (for me anyway) that whilst IMO Microsoft scrambles to hold on to its many schemes, Google is making further inroads in multiple areas of IT.

CW talks about the missing features in Windows 7 starter might be a point of annoyance with purchasers (according to a survey).  You can read that here.