SimplicITy – Linux for everyone!

I personally think that for many people who have not had an interest in the continuing evolution of computing will find the task of learning quite daunting.   I bet if you list all the terms you can off the top of your head, there will be quite a list.  Of course for those people who have had a long term interest in computing we tend to forget that people who are just starting out will be daunted by the amount of abreviations/terminology we use in basic conversation.

So here is SimplicITy.  A computer system/software solution based on a modified Linux Mint distro with the aim of bringing computing to all, in particular those with little or no previous computing experience.  Looking at the site it appears that they are aiming for the mature market but having said that I’m sure there are plenty of people of all ages taking their first tentative steps into the world of computing that would appreciate a little simplicity.

The whole system is controlled by a very friendly GUI, which offers “a quick return to, if things go wrong” and users can email, work with documents, surf the net and all the other tasks we all take for granted.

One of the statements SimplicITy makes is:

The computer itself looks like an ordinary desktop computer …

But, far from it … when you start it up, you’ll see a simple screen called Square One. From here you can easily send e-mails, browse the web, chat to friends and family using our e-mail adddresses, store photos and write short documents.

I recently covered Webconverger 5.5 which I suggested was a good distro for those who wanted to keep it simple.  Thats the great thing about Linux and it being able to be tailored to the needs of the end user (whatever the skill level and without fear of infringing copyright or a EULA etc)

Maybe this is why we see so many attacks at Ubuntu?  Linux Mint is a distro derived from Ubuntu and has many supporters who clearly love using it.  Maybe the attackers of Ubuntu see the benefits and advantages Canonicals offering in the computing world and the many different environments it can sit very happily in?

SimplicITy is offered in two different suites (£435.99 & £525.99 respectively),  but what you have to consider is this is for a complete solution (no pondering over which version is most suitable).   A new user buying a Windows PC for example is probably going to be presented with choices to make that they are relying on the salesperson to know whats best.  Should they buy anti-virus software?  Should they have support extended?  Which version of Windows? As we all know with a proprietary platform theres always something else you can buy and always someone more than happy to sell it to you.  SimplicITy aims to take all that away and present the user with a solution which is all in one, but more importantly, simple.

Well known face Valerie Singleton is the host for “training” video’s which aim to teach those who are new.

The makers of SimplicITy say:

We build custom machines, designed to work perfectly with Linux; we manually tweak the install; we put on them a custom, bespoke, heavily-customised version of Eldy; we add in a gigabyte of professionally filmed, recorded and edited tutorial videos, featuring Ms Singleton; we test them thoroughly and we ship them along with a handbook that adds more detailed instructions to those given in the on-screen tutorials. We then back this with telephone and online support, a warranty and so on.

According to the website, Suite 1  consists of:

  • simplicITy : model 100 – energy efficient, cool and quiet running
    • Onboard graphics, sound and network connection
    • Sempron LE-1250 socket AM2 energy efficient 45w processor
  • 19″ TFT screen
  • Wireless keyboard and mouse
  • Stereo speakers

Computer only (no screen, keyboard, mouse, and speakers): £299.99

Complete suite: £435.99

Printer: additional £54.95

whilst Suite 2 consists of the following:

  • simplicITy : model 200 – smaller and quieter than model 100
    • Mini-ITX Intel desktop D945 motherboard
    • Intel dual core Atom processor
    • Onboard graphics, sound and network connection
  • 19″ TFT screen
  • Wireless keyboard and mouse
  • Stereo speakers

Computer only (no screen, keyboard, mouse, and speakers): £389.99

Complete suite: £525.99

Printer: additional £54.95

The SimplicITy solution has been welcomed by Help The Aged and I would hope it will encourage more people to get involved with computing and Linux based systems.

You can visit the homepage of SimplicITy here:

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