Beer glasses.  We’ve all had them and it now appears that the lovely first date with Windows 7 where you’ve met in a restaurant and put away a good few drinks has come home with you.

Skip to the morning, picture the scene; its a sleepy sunday and the light is streaming through your half drawn curtains.  You roll over in your warm bed with images of a lovely night with a beautiful partner only to now find yourself staring into the face of a pig.

Joking aside, it appears that whilst Windows is praised as the second coming and its faithful are busy trying to find fault with alternatives merely to boost sales, there are users who are voicing their problems in a public forum.  I am of course talking about the Microsoft Helps (itself) Twitter account.  Lets take a look at some of those issues:

I did as suggested in forum, BIOS and driver update… And then again the upgrade process rolls back to Vista at final step

To which I would reply, Im surprised they noticed.  Vista 7 may simply be lipstick on a pig, but its the same pig (Vista) at the end of the day.

I can not see the thumbnails of any file

I’m facing this issue while doing in-place upgrade from Vista Home Premium to Win7 Ultimate Please help

What’s up with the weird directories with .vdm files accumulating? Is that being looked at? Fixed? New one today (5 total)

Windows 7 upgrade FAIL “user profile service service failed the logon.” can’t use explorer, control panel in safemode

Of course the story you will get from sites such as paint a whole different picture.  Andrew (the author of that “article”) cites Windows 7 as having 3% of market share in the first two weeks of its release.  Andrew then goes onto mention that this does not include simply the RTM thats available now it also includes the pre release versions.  What Andrew doesn’t mention was that the pre-release versions were given away for free, so really the 3% figure (even if it is true) is purely rubbish IMO.

Just like any other Microsoft enthusiast, Andrew appear’s to judge the worth of an OS on how many people use it.  I wonder if Andrew would think a Vauxhall Corsa better than a Bentley because there is more of them on the road?  Probably.  What Andrew goes on to say is:

Linux has just under 1% marketshare. That’s every Linux distribution anywhere, combined.

Really Andrew?  I thought the MS faithful always say 3%?  It matters not since Steve Ballmer doesn’t seem to agree with you either and in recent MS slides Linux was shown to have a lot more than 1%.  Have your scientific figures Andrew considered how many servers on the net run Linux?  Probably not and you are probably too busy with the novelty that Windows 7 allows you to do simple tasks far better than you ever could in the last 3 years with Vista.

Unlike Andrew, when I compare Linux with Windows 7 I will be doing it having used both.  I am currently running Windows 7 through its paces and comparing it to the OS Ive relied on for years (and has never let me down, unlike Microsoft technologies) that being Linux.


Many people think that Novell is controlled directly from Redmond (or certainly sits and gives a paw on command of its Microsoft master).  It matters not, the damage “the deal” did to the public perception of Novell IMO shows how insidious a Microsoft relationship can be.

Novell has announced its “Pulse” product which is similar in vain to Google Wave although this is, IMO  aimed at enterprise.  It enables team collaboration on projects whilst also offering integration with the Google Wave protocol.

Coming in mid-2010, Novell Pulse will first be delivered as a service and then later available for on-premise deployment. It will also work seamlessly with Google Wave so you and anyone you want to work with can have your choice and get down to business.

Since Ive mentioned my current beta relationship with Wave, its only fair I mention this product.  I only have one question:

Did Novell have to ask Microsoft before releasing the news of this product? 😉  Maybe Novell does have its own “pulse” afterall.

If you would like to see more of Pulse, check out:

Goblin –