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logoTodays article is all about Google related news, contrary to belief Openbytes does not hate large companies (an allegation often thrown at me by the MS faithful) in fact Openbytes does not hate anything.  I do not mention Apple in a bad light as I think their products are very good.  I don’t mention Google in a bad light because again I find their products an essential part of my daily computing.

Conversely I may come across hard on Microsoft.  This is because time and time again I find for me that their products are not fit for purpose, bloated and bug ridden, but worse than that they have the nerve to charge money for them.  I am spending time currently reviewing Windows 7, I want to give it a fair crack of the whip and I want to be fair when I “put pen to paper” in respect of my opinions on it.

So no Openbytes does not hate proprietary (in fact you will find we celebrate decent proprietary software) no Openbytes does not hate Microsoft (although the allegations of its actions towards FOSS it does)  I am waiting for Microsoft to prove to me it can regain its former dominant glory of the past, although when you look at the effort and quality of the alternatives on offer I would say thats now nearly an impossible task.

Now onto more decent applications and here’s a look at some Google news doing the rounds in the last few days.


I would like to say Google recognised the greatness of Openbytes and rushed to give me an invitation to try out their Wave product. Who could blame them?  The only blog dedicated to those with a Gnutee beard.

As I say, I would like to say that….  Unfortunately I received an invite from a very nice chap on Twitter whose charitable act towards me meant that I could experience something which Ive been interested in for a while.  I

Moving on to the subject at hand, Google Wave is the chat and collaboration product going through its beta/preview stage.

The description of Google Wave from the people behind it is:

Google Wave is an online tool for real-time communication and collaboration

And to be honest, its shaping up to be a rather decent open source project.

Google Wave integrates services such as Gmail, Google Docs, Google IM and more into a single tool. Creating a Wave enables you to collaborate with your peers on documents in real time, watching them type and edit and allowing you to step in and make your own changes.

If you think of a Wave as a thread on a forum and then imagine being able to edit any part of that thread AND see those changes/typing in realtime (complete with typo’s and corrections!) you have an idea of what Google Wave is all about.

Of course there is more to Wave than just chat and whilst in this preview stage one cannot expect a full experience yet.  That being said its a great project and I’m looking forward to seeing it progress.  Share photo’s, collaborate on maps its going to be a massive environment of diverse media and social networking.  Great stuff!

If I was to describe Wave currently, Id say it was a real-time IRC/Twitter, with real-time being you actually see your contact typing, mistakes, corrections and second thought deletions intact.  Unlike IRC or Twitter where you can change your mind before committing, on Wave if someone is watching then they can see what you type and what you changed your mind in saying! much like a real conversation.

I can’t describe how much fun I am having with this at the moment, apart from it being a great social tool there are all sorts of collaboration possibilities on projects, sharing photo’s et al.  You have to hand it to Google yet again for another great product.

For those who are lucky enough to have received an invite to Wave, check out this comprehensive guide.

Wave to get its own app store!WAVE APP STORE, COMING SOON?

Its being reported that Google Wave will eventually come with its own App store open to 3rd party developers to provide tools/addins similar to the very successful Apple store.  Of course a percentage of the sale will go to Google but then if Wave becomes as popular as I think it will then it will be a very profitable venture for all concerned.

This is what I mean when I say that other companies create and Microsoft buys.

Wave continues to show how innovative it is and unless someone can correct me, I havent seen signs of innovation coming from Redmond for a long time (please don’t say “touch” tech. Thats certainly no innovation of Microsoft) I will wait, but won’t hold my breath.


There is a test of Wave on the Iphone here (and also a video link showing it in action).

For a list of all official Google Twitter accounts:

Lifehacker is also good for hints and tips. Apparently that have written some for Wave:

Goblin –


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