Bought Windows 7 – Windows 8 on way! & Dubious Twitter users?

Did you buy Vista?

Did you then buy 7 to replace Vista because it wasn’t fit for purpose?

well-done! Now start saving for Windows 8! Microsoft is allegedly looking for a Senior Program Manager for Windows 8 (amongst other roles).

Remember what Microsoft was telling you about Vista when it wanted you to buy it?  Well, forget all that because now it wants you to buy 7, its forget Vista and buy 7, “come on in the waters lovely”…I am sure when 8 is released there will be a plethora of issues and reasons why 8 is a must purchase.

How much longer will users put up with this?  Vista was around for approximately 3 or so years and despite complaints about it, Microsoft appeared not to recognise any issues.   Bloomberg is reporting:

Chief Executive Officer Steve Ballmer says the company got the wrong impression from early positive feedback on Vista and won’t make the same mistake with the software’s successor, Windows 7.

Really, Mr Ballmer got the wrong impression did he?  So not one Microsoft employee said “Hang on a minute….this Vista’s a bit of a pig”? Not one employee (or even Mr Ballmer) realized that there were issues with Vista and rested their entire opinion off early positive feedback?  and this is a company which people trust for their software solutions is it?

Of course thats totally at odds with what another Microsoft employee states (Bill Veghte)

The problem for Microsoft wasn’t that products like Vista were bad, It’s that the company wasn’t telling its story well enough

and we covered that on this article:

So whats the truth?  Microsoft not telling its story or Microsoft only listening to early positive feedback?  It would suggest from Mr Ballmer’s alleged statement that once Vista hit the shelves he never used it and was blissfully unaware of the problems users were having happy in the knowledge that the early feedback was good.

I think its time that users looked very carefully at what their computing requirements are and if they need to continue this cycle of silly stories and failing OS’s.  Windows 7 may be what Vista should have been but then thats hardly comfort to the users that paid for Vista and until now have never seen Mr Ballmer make statements like the above.    Ive always said to type “Microsoft blames” into Google as you will see it never appears to be Microsoft’s fault.


Those users who were on the Net when Vista was released will remember the praise and great comments that were showered on it.  Even late last year the MS faithful were still saying that Vista was great and in fact one of its IMO biggest champions (Andre Da Costa) was making comments like “Vista is loved”.  That is until recently (maybe because Microsoft wants you to buy 7), where Andre made the following statement:

…its a shame Michael Jackson didn’t live to see Windows 7

I wonder how long it will take 7 to be dismissed by the faithful?.  Moving on from Mr Da Costa and his sympathy for the Jackson family:

We’ve covered the different campaigns used by proprietary companies to promote their wares.  It must be a frightening time for them right now  since there is so much choice (and much of it FOSS) for the end user.

Let me introduce you to or allegedly Michael McLeod (yep I’m buying that) who wants to tell you about Windows 7:

just listening to music and haveing a wonderfull life with windows 7 i have been running windows 7 for almost a year and NOT ONE CRASH

Bless, thats really good news, but what is the point if they have no followers?  Well, the suspicious minded person could think that a tweet like this would be picked up by a RT bot and posted around Twitter, great little advertising shot and if you don’t followup on the user posting it then to all intents and purposes it is an ordinary Twitter user who is happy with Windows 7.

Of course I couldn’t resist replying to that comment and so posting them the following:

LOL….Im sure…New Twitter user are you? Are you associated with Microsoft either contractually or directly?

To which I have received no reply.  Maybe this Twitter user only posts Mon-Fri 9-5? 😉 since at time of posting this they have made no other comments.

Of course that comment in itself says nothing, but what intrigued me further was the “testimonial” claim the user highlights when they say:

What People Are Saying About Windows 7: via @addthis

and its not what “people” are saying about Windows 7, rather one user with only 15 followers.  Hardly a definitive testimonial is it?

This is but one example of what I believe to be dubious activity on Twitter.  Regular readers may remember when I exposed the Optionetics poster who was promoting Microsoft stock and alerted the real company Optionetics to the fact their name was being used.

It really is worth keeping an eye on any Twitter user who praises proprietary software, in many cases they are not all they seem.    In the meantime if you want to learn more about whats crashing Windows 7, Microsoft have a Twitter account called Microsofthelps where you can see the Windows 7 problems as they come in thick and fast:

Error 0x80070017 while unpakaging windows7-32bit downloaded from student offer webpage…please help me. I´m just frustrated, been trying this 3 days.

In this case it seems this user is not having such a good time as our friend mentioned in this article.  I am sending a message to Alie4251 informing them of this article.  Maybe they will respond….maybe we’ll have to wait until they return to work? 😉

I have many more case-files which highlight what I consider dubious activities in favor of proprietary wares on the net.   I decided to run with this one first as its the simplest, however as you will see in future (more complex) examples, a proprietary shill can be a slippery customer.

Of course alie4251 has a right of reply.  If I receive one it will be printed here and I hope you look at the example here and draw your own conclusions.

Goblin –


7 thoughts on “Bought Windows 7 – Windows 8 on way! & Dubious Twitter users?

Add yours

  1. UPDATE:

    As expected our Twitter friend is so busy having “a wonderful life with Windows 7” they have not got around to posting a reply or even answering me…shame.

    I would ask anyone seeing similar Twitter accounts to email me, I can highlight them here.

    Even Andre Da Costa (who does read this blog) has not made a comment. Maybe its time for an open email to him with some questions?

  2. It must be a full moon tonight….The baffled are out in force.

    Ive had a deluge of emails justifying Windows 7…how? well its better than Vista!!! – I don’t know about anyone else but I’m convinced. I thought Workbench 1.3 was better than Vista but I’m not about to replace all my systems with it.

    A particular Twitter user:

    Thought it would be a good idea, out of the blue to post this to me:

    “y’know, you really should try stuff before you knock it.”

    Now he didn’t make it clear what he was talking about, however we finally established it was Windows 7.

    After highlighting to him that maybe I did have experience of Windows 7 (Im running it on a test system and since I didn’t want to give my opinions after only a few days, Ive been running it for a week or so)

    Just how any of my comments on Windows 7 label me as ignorant as the user Roger (or Mr Manga as I like to refer to him) I did ask, but of course no answer was given.

    What he said was:

    “No, I’d rather call this conversation over. You’re an unbearably arrogant (and ignorant) troll, that’s plain to see. Goodbye.”

    Ignorant? He claims I havent used Windows 7 yet hasnt even read my comments…is that not ignorant in itself?
    He then goes on to call me a troll? Well up until he twitted me I had never spoken to or read anything he had written. Infact out of his massive 15 following, I had only heard of Mr De Icazza, so I fail to see how Ive ever trolled him…

    Of course as all people who start something they don’t have the argument to finish, they run away tail between their legs. After saying goodbye and then coming back for more (we see that often dont we) He parts on:

    “Welcome to my blocklist. So long.”

    and appears to have lost a follower in the period of talking to me (now at 14)

    Now the only thing I am left with is what was the point of a Manga loving Windows 7 using Mono supporter trolling me?

    I think thats just one of life’s mysteries as is how he thinks his account and its plethora of “fans” being blocked from me has any effect on my life.

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