Ubuntu 9.10 released! – Windows 7 the slowest option?

Its the Karmic Koala! Ubuntu 9.10. I am busy getting Kubuntu! Whats your flavor?

Today is the official release day of Ubuntu 9.10.  Jono Bacon ran an Ubuntu party channel in IRC (for which I was present) Its aim was to get 1000 users in the chat channel.   It took about 3 hours from the time of his first Twit inviting people to the channel that 1000 users was hit, so well done Ubuntu and Jono!

The chat room is still active and you can visit via browser at: http://bit.ly/2riV0p

Meanwhile I am downloading Kubuntu in my on-going quest to get into KDE!  So in 30 or so minutes I will be experiencing 9.10 in KDE loveliness on my distro-hopping machine.

Over on Twitter Trends Ubuntu is receiving attention just as Windows 7 did, the naysayers who claim Linux is a minority OS are starting to have less of an argument now as more and more people are trying Linux and in particular Ubuntu.

Ubuntu 9.10 is called Karmic Koala, this is a little obvious news to most Linux users who will be well aware of Ubuntu, but for those that are not, why not give Linux a try?  Ubuntu is a very user friendly Linux which doesn’t expect you to part with cash to use it (unlike Microsoft offerings).  If you were considering an upgrade to Windows 7, why not try Ubuntu first?

You can visit the Ubuntu site here.

There is a great Youtube clip below comparing the boot speeds of Vista, Windows 7 and Ubuntu 9.04/9.10.  Of course Ubuntu wins hands down, but what is even more interesting is that Vista boots quicker than Windows 7!

Goblin – bytes4free@googlemail.com


2 thoughts on “Ubuntu 9.10 released! – Windows 7 the slowest option?

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  1. Thought I’d just update my testing of it before review….I changed the windows manager from kwin to compiz..installed FF and generally played about with it…not as punchy as its Gnome counterpart imo but then that could be down to kde and 512mb ram on my distro-hopping machine.

    Still a great release!

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