BBC and its great idea’s. – 24 hours with Ubuntu

As if the fact that we had to suffer the vile Nick Griffin wasn’t enough to show up IMO the hideous waste of money the BBC is, we have a correspondent now getting involved in Linux.  Had it been an experienced and knowledgable tech reporter (IMO) we could have looked forward to reasoned thinking and a proper comparison.  But then this is the BBC afterall and what we got (IMO) was a half baked summary by someone who does not appear experienced enough to comment on tech issues but worse than that appears to have no interest in trying something new (or even appearing to understand about Linux and it’s diverse range of distro’s)

Who am I talking about? Rory Cellan-Jones of course!  It wouldn’t be so bad if he was a reporter from a commercially funded station since it would simply be a case of switching him off, but good old Rory is being paid by UK TV license ergo, you and I.

You can see his musing here. I have no problem with him finding that his computer skills don’t allow him to perform pretty basic tasks within Ubuntu, what I have a problem with is comments such as this:

there’s something called ‘Ubuntu’ which is launched next week. It’s a whole sort of little community of enthusiasts building operating systems for absolutely nothing and trying to persuade us that we don’t need to be in with the big boys but actually most computer users frankly they don’t want to bother with that sort of stuff they want something that’s there…

You can see him in my opinion trying to wriggle out of his own silly comments here. Lets hope Rory doesn’t ever need to patch the latest game or modify a .bat file to get his favorite Windows software running.  Im sure he will be happy using Microsoft products. 😉

Game creation for Linux!

For those of you who want to create your own games and want an easier time doing it, Game Editor has been released as open source, which a choice of licences for its creators to release work created with it.   To check out this software, its features visit:

Oops Microsoft did it again!

Whilst our MS Faithful are praising the greatness of Vista 7 and the fact that they can get Vista users upgrading their OS to what Vista should have been in the first place, in the back of their minds must be the news that yet again Microsoft’s profits are down. are reported as saying:

Analysts surveyed by Thomson Reuters expect revenues to decline 18 percent, to $12.4 billion, with earnings falling to 32 cents per share, down from 48 cents in the same quarter last year.

You can read the full article here, for yourself.

FatELF – Universal binaries

In the most interesting news today (for me anyway) is the FatELF project that aims to bring universal binaries to Linux and perhaps one of the last remaining points that detractors to the Linux operating system can use.   In its simplest form a universal binary for Linux would allow an application to be deployed to any distro.

You can check out the FatELF project here.

The site states:

FatELF is a file format that embeds multiple ELF binaries for different architectures into one file. This is the Linux equivalent of what Mac OS X calls “Universal Binaries.”

The format is very simple: it adds some accounting info at the start of the file, and then appends all the ELF binaries after it, adding padding for alignment. The end of the file isn’t touched, so you can still do things like self-extracting .zip files for multiple architectures with FatELF.

FatELF lets you pack binaries into one file, seperated by OS ABI, OS ABI version, byte order and word size, and most importantly, CPU architecture.

Work is focused on GNU/Linux, but this could be applied to most modern Unix systems: the BSDs, Solaris, etc.

and in my opinion, just like the Wine project could become one of the most popular projects in the world of Linux.

Twitter gets a little coverage in the mainstream

Google and Bing have both entered into deals with Twitter.  A UK tabloid states that children can be at risk from online predators on Twitter and allegedly Lilly Allen has made her last twit as part of her decision to boycott online social media.

And finally

I think thats about all for my picks for this weeks round up.  As some regular readers may have noticed, every three weeks signifies fewer posts on Openbytes due to heavy workload.  After Saturday I will be back up to speed, hopefully having given KDE a good run for its money.

“let those who have Windows 7 receive thy pity for they know not what they do..”Goblin 3:16

and before any of the MS faithful try to claim I have gone into some sort of religious promotion of Linux let me just say now, the above is for the benefit of the few MS faithful who suggest that Linux users promote the OS like religious fanatics (and the ones who have mailed me claiming I do).  They are talking complete rubbish as usual, but its one of the last few means of attack open to the proprietary argument.

Try Linux, make your own mind up.

Goblin –


5 thoughts on “NEWS ROUNDUP 23/10/09

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  1. It was the right decision to have Nick Griffin on Question Time. Shame him infront of a nation rather than in little pockets here and there. The fact my liscense fee money went to getting him on the show however does irk me somewhat.
    Lots of negative press for Windows 7, “best to wait a year till all the bugs are ironed out” so said a Metro paper columnists. Ha ha!

    1. Nick Griffin I think should have been nowhere near TV I was both sickened and repulsed by him.

      Windows 7 – thanks for that info, hadn’t seen the article.


  2. In my dealings with Rory Cellan-Jones re: Wikipedia, he’s always been willing to try to get stuff right even if he doesn’t know about it at first. So I would expect quality to improve a bit.

    1. I had no problems with him being critical of Ubuntu thats fine but when I pay for someone to make comments such as he did, I get a little cross.

      If he had just said “Im used to Windows and cannot get my head around Ubuntu” that would have been fine. (IMO)

      I see reasoned articulate post by many people (yourself included) yet its people like Rory Cellan-Jones who can earn a living from comments such as he made. Another reason to be annoyed at the BBC having the nerve to charge a license fee. Should it be time for an opt out option?

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