Microsoft’s WinMo 6.5 – “bing” getting a poor response?

If a picture says a thousand words, does this image sum up the opinion of Windows Mobile 6.5?
If a picture says a thousand words, does this image sum up the opinion of Windows Mobile 6.5?

It was only because I was hit by a MS advert on my TV today in relation to the new Windows Mobile 6.5 which prompted me to write this post.  I will say now I have no personal experience of this new piece of tech.

My last experience with WinMo was on the MDA Mail and Ive documented my disgust at it on many occasions here.  The only phone that Ive had where it would crash so spectacularly I needed to remove the battery just to switch it off.  Speed wise the MDA mail was painful in my experience, but to make matters worse,  I bought two of the things on a contract, one for me and one for the wife.

To say I was a dissatisfied customer would be an understatement, however thats in the past.  I’ve learnt my lesson and won’t consider a Microsoft solution in a phone ever again. I will not though dwell on that and after previous bad experiences with other Microsoft technologies I only have myself to blame for the decision to purchase it.

The one thing that you can say about Microsoft is that its consistent IMO. According to a review of WinMo 6.5 found here, the reviewer says:

The new IE6 based web browser is also pretty bad in my experience. It does now support double-tap intelligent zooming, at least, and I’m pleased that Adobe Flash support is also in place, but the browser is just painfully slow.

Oh dear.  I noticed on the TV ads the words “simulated screen” were at the bottom of the ad.  Maybe for the best if this users experience is typical.  The reviewer of the phone went on to say:

For starters, the new honeycomb start menu is a disaster, in my opinion. I was OK with it on some geeky level when the honeycomb icon borders were still visible on early WM6.5 releases, but the new look of the start menu is a nightmare when it comes to visually scanning for a needed application or folder.

The review ends on:

HTC’s TouchFLO 3D still does many things better. Microsoft should be embarrassed about that.

To which I respond that in my opinion they wont be, after having the nerve to release Vista, Microsoft must have a very thick skin.

I would expect the default search engine to be Bing which at least will mean MS can tout a few more hits to the site.

PCWorld has this to say:

The reviews of Microsoft’s new mobile OS, Windows Mobile 6.5, are in — and none of them are glowing. It seems that Windows Mobile 6.5 is more of a superficial cosmetic overhaul, not a bona fide upgrade capable of handling the mobile market’s stiff competition.

roughly translated lipstick on a pig?  Where have we heard that before?

Or how about this comment:

Windows Mobile 6.5 isn’t just a letdown — it barely seems done

Microsoft releasing a half complete cosmetic upgrade???? NEVER!!!!!!

and does this prove the allegation that Microsoft “no longer gets it”?:

…problems with Windows Mobile 6.5 are best summed up when he says the Zune HD is a better handset and it isn’t even a phone

As always, I’ll let you decide.  If any reader had a good experience of the MDA Mail and WinMo, please let me know.  In the spirit of debate I encourage a balanced view.

Goblin –


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