Windows 7 party loot up for sale already?

Thanks to Brandon LeBlanc and his Twitter account, I was made aware that allegedly people are selling the Windows 7 loot that is being supplied for these Windows 7 parties that have recieved a rather dire reception on many sites.  We’ve documented much of the public feeling on this issue and we don’t need to go over old ground.  Suffice to say you can check out the following articles for more info:

Brandon LeBlanc had this to say in Twitter:

its sad people who signed up to host a Launch Party are now turning around and selling the kits on eBay. Totally lame.

To which a user responded:

Like the launch parties.

After reading this exchange, I decided to look on Ebay and found that a signed copy of Windows 7 was for sale for £150.  You can see that item here.  There were 5 other copies in total, for sale and at time of writing none have received any bids.  I wonder how much they will go for?  Is this the excitement for Windows 7 we have been hearing about?!?  If a user is selling his/her copy already does this bode well when Windows 7 hits the shelves?  and what sort of launch party will these “winners” be having without their copy of Windows 7? I’ll let you decide.

Goblin –


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