A garden slug or Windows 7 booting up?
A garden slug or Windows 7 booting up?

You’ve seen the hype, you’ve reading those “glowing”,”feature rich” comments (and just in the last article) seen people flogging it on Ebay.  The one thing that Windows 7 was supposed to be was an improvement on Vista (IMO)  Now, as we rapidly approach general release day in my opinion see more cracks starting to form in the “second coming” of operating systems, Windows 7.

Lets forget about XPM and the issues we have covered here, lets take a look now at boot time and something which Vista recieved many negative remarks about since its release.

According to PC World US the 32bit version of Windows 7 is 10% slower in booting than Vista and another source (Iolo Technologies) claim that booting Windows 7 to a fully usable state taking 1 minute and 34 seconds compared to Vista taking 1 minute 6 seconds.

But it doesn’t stop there.  According to Iolo Windows 7 bootups degrade in speed over time (just like Vista) and on a simulated two year period Windows 7 took 330% longer to boot.  Oh dear.

Just like the Windows 7 party ads in the previous article we have covered the Windows 7 subject many times, but with the release date approaching and users wondering if they should be upgrading, are the findings of the above two sources at least food for thought?

Maybe the people who won the Ballmer signed version of Windows 7 already knew this and are trying to shift it on Ebay before anyone else finds out? 😉

There is a more detailed article over on ComputerWorld on Windows 7 boot times and this can be found here. Who would have thought Vista could be compared to another product and seen as the faster one?

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