"Its not alright" - Certainly not Lilly.  Just like Vicky Pollard pictured, Lily has caused a little upset again(IMO) not with file sharing this time though.....smoking.
"Its not alright" - Certainly not Lilly. Just like Vicky Pollard pictured, Lily has caused a little upset again(IMO) not with file sharing this time though.....smoking.

Its been very busy week and its been difficult to keep ontop of everything so here is a roundup of a few of the stories that have caught my eye in the last few days.  Normal service will resume this week.  Although there are one or two stories here which may develop into something more in the coming days.


No Lily Allen has not been spouting her views on file-sharing or even getting involved in the file sharing debate.  This time she has angered people in a slightly different way.

Normally Lily Allen would not really have a place on the Openbytes blog, but since she entered into the “digital debate” with her views on filesharing, I think its only fair we give her a little coverage.

It is being reported here that Lily Allen held up a party when her backstage smoking set the alarms off at a venue causing disruption to partygoers.  When found backstage with offending material in hand she is alleged to have said:

What’s wrong with smoking?

Well Lily, just like you decided to give your opinions on your blog about file sharing (and then delete the blog??) I’ll let you know about smoking.  Firstly its bad for your health.  Secondly its bad for the health of those around you and thirdly its against the law to smoke inside a building (public venue or workplace)

Having an anti-piracy stance myself, I wish someone, ANYONE except Lily Allen had got involved in the file sharing debate.  (we all remember when Indiana Gregg had a go don’t we?)

I’ve said before the answer to filesharing and how a system that is beneficial to everyone (producers and consumers) will only be found with level heads, sensible discussion and reasoned debate.  Not IMO with people like Lily and her disappearing blog opinion.  Talking of which, has she quit music?  As I saw one poster say on a discussion forum in regards to the piracy issue.

Lily Allen to quit the music scene?  – maybe piracy is a good thing after-all 😉

You would think the “fall out” when Metalica and Gregg put their 10p in would have been enough to stop her getting involved wouldn’t you?


A male has been arrest by the FBI (US) for using Twitter to inform protesters at the G20 summit in Pittsburg to thwart police tactics.  It is alleged that using a radio scanner and Twitter they reported police movements/actions on Twitter for other protesters.   The suspect is apparently a social worker in the area and a member of the group the Peoples Law Collective which advises protesters on legal issues as a result of protesting actions.    Maybe the person concerned (allegedly Elliot Madison) didn’t think the police would use Twitter and maybe consider that any mass communication system would be of interest to a police service at a time of protest.

Seems like he should have listened to his own legal advice.  What a Twit.


Who says Windows is bad?

In these days of recession the insecurity of Windows (IMO) is helping to create jobs and its being reported that the Department of Homeland Security is going to be recruiting more cybersecurity experts.

You can read more about that here (source)

The DHS are reported to have said:

This new hiring authority will enable DHS to recruit the best cyberanalysts, developers and engineers in the world to serve their country by leading the nation’s defenses against cyberthreats

I wonder how many of these threats are either created for or aimed at Windows.  We’ve seen over the last year various armed services that have fallen victim so theres plenty of work about.

Maybe the DHS should hire Lily Allen?  after jumping into the BT tracker/filesharing debate, I’m sure she’d be a valuable asset to the team (and its been reported that allegedly she is finished with music)


It was reported that the Piratebay mainpage had been taken off the search results in Google.  This obviously caused many bloggers to cry censorship and conspiracy.  Google have reportedly issued the following statement on the matter:

Google received a [Digital Millennium Copyright Act] take-down request that erroneously listed Thepiratebay.org, and as a result, this URL was accidentally removed from the Google search index,

They went on to say:

We are now correcting the removal, and you can expect to see Thepiratebay.org back in Google search results this afternoon.

and have also issued this statement:

The removal appears to be an internal error and not part of a DMCA request.

So its all resolved.


Roy Schestowitz of Boycott Novell will be on the FLOSS weekly podcast on 14/10/09 at 13:30.  I for one am looking forward to the broadcast as Roy always manages to create interesting debate on a diverse range of subjects within the IT world.  In the meantime (if you haven’t already been there, check out his site site: http://boycottnovell.com/wiki/index.php/Main_Page or come on over to #boycottnovell on freenode.net for a chat!

The one thing about Roy’s interview that you can almost guarantee, will be that the MS faithful will all be tuning in, hopefully responding with all the weak arguments we’ve come to know and love (in doing so introducing more people into the world of FOSS and more importantly alternatives to Microsoft)


I hope you will tune in and then sit and wait for the storm!

"If your names not down. youre not coming in...." Party or meetup?  Who cares?  It will be great when the pictures are published and we can look at the people tragic enough (IMO) to be involved in a Window 7 launch party.
"If your names not down. youre not coming in...." Party or meetup? Who cares? It will though answer a question (when they publish their party on the net) What type of person hosts one of these things?


Anyone desperate enough (and with no regard for dignity IMO) who is hosting a Windows 7 may be in for a little disappointment.  We all remember the advertising campaign for them that received such a bashing (IMO) online and asked the question “What type of person holds one of these things?”

Joe Wilcox said in an article:

The House Party video is so bad I hurled not laughed. It is godawful disgusting marketing.

Please see the end of this article for an altered version of the Windows 7 party video which is far better (IMO) than the original.  It’s amazing how a little censoring can cause so much humor.

The point of this article though is because another user forwarded me the official Windows 7 party rejection letter for those lucky “unlucky” enough to not be successful in applying to host one of these things.  According to the email the recipient was not successful in his application for a party, but he could still organize a “meetup”.  So does that mean that according to them the only Windows parties are their officially approved ones?  does that mean everyone elses is simply a meetup?

Does anyone care?  Looking at the bad PR this idea and campaign received on many sites/forums and newsgroups, one has to wonder, what on earth do Microsoft think of their customers? are Microsoft so out of touch that they believe anyone acts like those portrayed in the advert?

Continuing on with the party theme,  Ian Douglas from the Telegraph reports about an Ubuntu party in Montreal and comments (in comparison to a Windows or Ubuntu party):

I’m sure that the bars in Redmond also saw a crowd of tired but satisfied developers from Microsoft when Windows 7 hit the gold master stage. I’m fairly sure I know where I’d rather have been though.

You can read his entire article here.

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