Bing, Microsoft’s attempt to claw away some of Google’s market share has experienced nearly a 1% decline in use during the August 09 month.  These figures are reported to have come from StatCounter where the CEO has  said:

The wheels haven’t fallen off, but the underlying trend must be a little worrying for Microsoft

Ive commented before that whilst Bing had made some good initial inroads when it was launched, that it was probably due to a few cheap hits from IE defaulting to it and the initial curiosity of users trying it out in comparison to Google.

It is also reported by Net Applications that Bing was down 3.52%  in September.  I can’t see the shareholders being very happy when its rumoured that Microsoft has spend nearly $100 million on advertising for its Bing product.

So where does these leave Microsoft?  Well for the time being (until Steve Ballmer calms down) everyone is standing in Redmond and the chairs have been removed to a safe location.  There was plans for the offices to upgraded to welded to the floor chairs however since Microsoft is busy cutting the fat in an attempt to make its next set of profit figures a little better, that will have to wait.

I joke of course, but it does highlight my view that Microsoft just “can’t get it” and that they always seem to arrive late to the party with alot of noise and little substance.

I don’t think Microsoft can back out of their Bing investment now.  Microsoft’s attempts to take away Google’s dominance of the search market cannot stop, I don’t think Microsoft would want to be seen as giving in to Google and its now become a matter of pride.  Does anyone think Microsoft stands a chance?  It doesn’t matter, In my opinion Microsoft are in it for the long haul, I just hope the shareholders agree.  Microsoft ego – IMO its very expensive.

We only have to look back to July 09 where Qi Lu (Microsoft Online Division) said in relation to Bing:

We are already seeing initial anecdotal evidence that people are using it as a verb.

Really? Where?  I am seeing anecdotal evidence that Microsoft is not really part of the same dimension that I am and after the Windows 7 party ad campaign it only strengthens that view.  So people are starting to use it as a verb are they?  Who are these people?  If any of them are reading this blog, please comment.

In the same month Steve Ballmer is reported to have said:

Bing – over time you’ll see us do things in Bing that are enhanced and really special and smart to support Windows,

Would that be like defaulting IE to it without the users permission?

Finally lets end on a piece of “good news” for Microsoft shareholders, Steve Balmer earlier this year is reported to have said:

….willing to spend 5 to 10 percent of operating income for up to five years in this business, and we feel like we can get an economic return

and I’m sure the shareholders are very pleased.  In the meantime if you have started using Bing as a verb and would like to post here, you are more than welcome.

Goblin –