PROFILE OF: Hadron – Appearing on C.O.L.A

For this post we are going to delve a little deeper into the previous article about Walmart training FUD and dodgy PCworld sales reps (in respect of the issue of – who are you talking to?) .  I have often mentioned comp.os.linux.advocacy and here is one of its regulars Hadron.

Hadron describes himself as a “freelance SW contractor who relies pretty much 100% on Debian Linux to do his work” so lets see what happens when they notice the previous article being posted in C.O.L.A.

The only people who “laugh” here are the COLAtards who “laugh” at Windows users. Funnily enough, the more aggressive, dumber ones like Koehlmann and Ahlstrom are actually closed source SW developers for … yup. Windows. We (those you listed) laugh at the hypocrisy and the idiocy of the COLA freetards. It’s like a daily show : for free.

Well Im pleased he can laugh (although on the reply I did state I did not find anything funny about Windows and merely I pitied a Vista user), I am also impressed that he can make so many claims without any evidence.  Notice the word “freetard” as a way to insult?  He sure sounds like a Linux user doesn’t he? 😉  Here’s some more from our “Linux user” Hadron:

The masses dont want Linux because Linux does NOT run the SW they use or think they need. Linux does not run most of latest games etc. People want that.

and how about this:

Err, because its fun. And correcting Colatards IS fun.

which is strange because he goes on to say:

No. I’m a freelance SW contractor who relies pretty much 100% on Debian Linux to do his work. Not many others in COLA can claim that. Don#t believe?

But before you start doubting Hadron, have a look at his piece of evidence which he claims will prove that he’s telling the truth:

Find a post from me saying Linux is shit. Go on. Dont just listen to the COlAtards. Think and research for yourself. I dare you. But being a COLAtard and a BN denizen you won’t : you’re too lazy, too stupid and too up Schestoputz’s arse to draw your OWN conclusions.

Well I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m convinced. 😉  After that earth shattering piece of information I think theres no doubt what so ever that Hadron is telling “the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth”…

Unfortunately for Hadron, someone did quote him and evidenced this post of Hadron’s:

Except for the fact that Linux is shit for gaming : and young Ernst wants to play games. New games. Not Civ City version 1. And that Linux is notorious for not supporting wide varieties of sound cards : the whole audio subsystem is a mess.

So forcing me to do another addition to Hadron’s profile post.  Hadron really does have issues with the truth doesnt he?

There are times when I think some of these “people” are really children.  They seem to have no concept on how their posts sound to others and fall into some really basic traps.    There was a lie placed about me on C.O.L.A which suggested that I claimed my IQ was greater than everyone else’s (obviously they provided no proof to back up their lie).  Whilst that was a complete lie and I had no such conversation, I think in Hadrons case it may very well be true, I have honestly never met one of the MS-Faithful so ground breakingly slow as him.  Even Andre Da Costa on a bad day would not make silly mistakes like that.

Talking of silly mistakes, a poster of C.O.LA called William, provides evidence that Hadron has said something quite different in another newsgroup (click the link at the end of this article to see the full post):

I’m a long term Windows user and programmer.

It would appear Hadron needs to learn his story else he will make more mistakes like this.   It appears after the above comments Hadron has gone back to his Linux advocacy again:

I have a better idea : why dont you, Marti, Roy and the other loonies piss off and play with your toys while the rest of us continue to use and advocate good OSS SW like Gnome? You are insane. You hurt OSS. You hurt Linux.

So he advocates Gnome now? LOL.  Can Hadron ever make his mind up?  I think from the course of comments above you can really see who is harming what.  Do you trust Hadron?  Can you see any consistency in his views?  I don’t need to make a comment, you can decide for yourself.  I don’t think I will be adding anything more to Hadron’s profile, though check the comments section for any further updates on his ever changing stance and contradicting views.

So now we come (sadly) to the end of one of hopefully a few profiles on the COLA trolls.  Its a shame that I can’t go into further detail but since Hadron is so shallow his posting habits mainly revolve around, insult,change subject,insult,change subject..all the while not answering questions put to him.   Hadron is one of many who post claiming to be in favor of Linux yet disrupt the community, is this the actions of a proprietary firm paying for this behaviour?  are these the actions of a proprietary developer terrified of the FOSS model or is it simply a bored young person who enjoys ruining things for people?  I’ll let you decide.

As always, please see for yourself.  I invite you to see him in action in the COLA newsgroup and I also invite you to read the entire discussion between myself and Hadron here:

Goblin –


7 thoughts on “PROFILE OF: Hadron – Appearing on C.O.L.A

Add yours

  1. Oh and a quick note for you Hadron, who I know is reading this….

    Before you try and suggest it I have not even mentioned this post to Roy. Check the IRC logs for yourself.. I haven’t even announced it in COLA…I don’t think highlighting your lies is a suitable topic for the COLA group – they all know you are a liar there anyway.

  2. Great post btw.I enjoyed the thread! will look out for Hadron in the future are you covering any other trolls from cola.?

  3. No, Ive not concluded anything and to be fair the source/intention of Hadron’s disruption is irrelevant since its harmful anyway.

    I have repeatedly said that it really matters not in the grand scheme of things where this type of behavior comes from.

    If you want a personal opinion…forget it…I won’t be drawn into a pantomime of “oh yes you are”, “oh no im not” this article (which has been picked up by many sites, including Tuxmachines) is intended to highlight the behaviour and ask the question. Readers make up their own mind.

  4. Funny Hadron is now trying to backtrack and claim he is being impersonated.He’s a well known cola liar and is backed into a corner that i don’t think he can get out of

    thank you for this article.

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