IE – What does Microsoft need to do?

I have been looking at recently attempts from Microsoft to push people to use it’s Internet Explorer software.  As I said in my previous article, I think by the time the EU gets its act together IE will no longer be an issue.

We have read the news that allegedly IE is down approximately 8 points, we’ve seen glowing reviews of alternatives (and not just Firefox)

So what does Microsoft need to do?  Well its Twitter account (IE) is going about it this way:

In honor of Hunger Action Month, we’re donating 16 meals to Feeding America for every upgrade of IE6 to IE8:

But isn’t this saying “If you don’t upgrade IE we won’t donate food to the hungry”?  I have written an article on this previously and for me I think it distasteful that Microsoft is doing this.  That message was from September, but it appears in August they were not being so generous:

For every download of IE8, we’ll donate 8 meals to Feeding America. Find out more:

Maybe that was before they saw the Net app figures?

Talking of hungry, although Microsoft profits are down, I wouldn’t expect the CEO of Microsoft to be missing any meals.

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