Windows 7 – Its party time! (just don’t mention Vista)

Get out your lipstick and slap it on that pig...its party time, Windows 7 party time!  Anyone remember the Vista parties?  - Proof that you can celebrate anything.
Get out your lipstick and slap it on that pig...its party time, Windows 7 party time! Anyone remember the Vista parties? - Proof that you can celebrate anything.

Or:-  Its my party and I’ll shill if I want to.

Ive often challenged Andre Da Costa over his Windows/Microsoft “opinion” however he visited this blog and we have a mutual agreement of sorts where I link to his blog and he links to mine.  At the end of the day I am happy for both opinions to be open to all since I have an honest held belief that Linux and FOSS in general are the far better platform.  That being said, Andre mentioned on his Twitter the question of Windows 7 parties and it put me in mind to do a little research and also to remind people about the Vista parties.

Lets cast our minds back to around November 2006, its the release of Vista and there are announcements of “Vista parties” in many countries.

Do those parties look a little silly now?  Lets look at  some of the comments users have made about Vista and imagine groups of people with childlike excitment celebrating the release of Vista.  Was Vista worth having a party for?

Now without further ado,  lets look back at what some users had to say about Vista over the years:

the version of Windows Vista we will receive is a sad shell of its former self, a shadow.


i hate vista….so why bother what sp1 will do?


….even Microsoft more or less has admitted–Vista is total trash.


I was disappointed to find that I had problems when coming out of hibernation with Vista often crashing.


Seems a great reason to have a party? and in my opinion the “hangover” of the Vista party will only come to an end when Windows 7 hits the shelves on 22nd October 2009 and the whole process starts over again.

Microsoft (obviously) is keen to encourage these parties and of course with the promise of a chance of winning a free software prize you are going to get the “gift hunters” flocking to this one (IMO).   What better way for Microsoft to get some publicity than these parties?

So lets now consider all those people who threw a Vista party and ask “Would you have partied if you have known how Vista would have be received?  Do you feel a little silly now?”  I am sure I won’t get an answer to that one and I’d expect those people would want to distance themselves from their celebrations of Vista.

So what does this mean for Windows 7?  Nothing at all in my opinion.  The fact that people are throwing these Vista 7 parties should just remind people of all the hype, claims and celebrating Vista had on its release.  It does show however (IMO) that Microsoft see the advantage of using “the average user” in order to promote their products.  Look at some of the Microsoft advertising attempts….shoes anyone?! and the “average user” will be great in helping Microsoft shed its public image (IMO)

I always say conduct your own research and with Windows 7 approaching that is never more relevant.  Ask yourself if Microsoft can rave about Vista pre-release, what faith should you have in the praise for 7?

So lets now look at the party idea. and see the title “Get Windows 7 Ultimate for free… throwing a party”.  They say:

Sure, you’ll have to suck up your pride and invite your friends to a party with a theme like “setting up with ease” or “family friendly fun,”

And I would say that they didn’t need to say this since in my opinion the “freebie hunters” don’t have concerns about things like pride, thats why we have seen comments in the past such as “its a shame Michael Jackson didn’t live to see Windows 7” no, IMO pride goes out the window (no pun intended) as soon as gifts and enticements are offered.  That is why, in my opinion the practice is so wrong and is ruining the credibility of  “the blogger”

It seems in terms of pride they agree with me:

well, we’re guessing you don’t have too much pride to begin with.

Going back to Vista and for those of you who bought it, it is alleged that Bill Gates said (when asked about it) in January 2007:

..make the personal computer the “place where it all comes together..

Well I suppose he was correct in that comment.  What I saw was many users coming together and complaining about it.

Later in 2008 (when asked what one product he thought they could have polished a little more) said:

ask me again when we’ve shipped the next version of Windows

Referring to Vista?  How does this make his paying customers feel?  Source:

Windows 7 party time?  In my opinion the only thing to celebrate will be the end of the hangover from the Vista one.  Will history be repeated with 7?  Dip into your wallet and find out!

Goblin –


9 thoughts on “Windows 7 – Its party time! (just don’t mention Vista)

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  1. Thanks to the Wintroll Moshe Goldfarb on COLA here is another link:

    You could almost think this was some sort of sick joke…. Im sure my circle of friends would disown me if I suggested a party such as this….

    Is Microsoft this desperate for publicity, a few freebie hunters inviting their mates around to look at Windows Vista 7? LOL.

    Please, if anyone is holding one of these things around the London area I’d love an invite…I could document on the site!

  2. I have found the use case where Windows 7 clearly beats XP! It’s when you’re reinstalling a supar-l33t gaming rig with rare and custom drivers galore.

    I’m currently demonstrating the definition of “true love” by reinstalling XP on the PC belonging to my loved one’s daughter. This is because Windows 7 RC mostly worked straight off the DVD, except sound.

    It turns out this is because it’s her dad’s old gaming rig, which has ridiculously custom hardware that was l33t of the l33t four years ago and is now in the “legacy” section on the nVidia website. I think I’ve found the use case where Win7 clearly beats XP – because XP can’t find the drivers either, and at least Win7 mostly works instead of mostly not working.

    Oh, and frequent MACHINE_CHECK_ERROR bluescreens, even with the CPU and memory clocked at half speed.

    I have threatened her that one more virus and she gets Ubuntu whether she likes it or not …

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