Ive tried very hard to avoid too many mono topics on my blog, Ive tried to see Mono as a good thing and Ive also had faith in the fact that apps of little consequence to me use it and therefore its simply a case of removing it on a new distro.

I must first of all thank http://mono-nono.com/2009/08/21/the-h-gives-mono-a-health-check/ since it was this article which encouraged me to put my views down and hopefully add another voice to the “concerned about MONO” community.  The Mono-nono site is a very good read and its also a very good place to gauge the IMO rather poor behaviour of those who support MONO.

Do I believe Mono is a patent trap?  To be honest no (although I have not delved deep enough into the subject for my answer to be anything other than a superficial one).

I believe the weapon of Mono is to “get Linux users hooked” to the .net environment, always offering the superior and more mature version on the Windows platform.  Just like when you first tried alcohol you would probably start off on lighter products until you acquired a taste for it, progressing later in life to liking stronger spirits.  With Windows having the “definitive version” and users hooked or caught in the .net, Microsoft could effectively remove or hold to ransom the addiction of using .net from non-Windows users.  Just an idea, but from a PR standpoint IMO  it would seem far more viable than MONO being used to trick people into installing Microsoft patent infested code.

I have long been a supporter of Gnome (although recently moving towards more of a love for XFCE) the MONO issue was something that I could ignore, until I read the following, allegedly by Mr De Icazza

I think it’s going to be the next big thing, and I think the GNOME community is going to jump to it, if only because I’m going to make it really simple for them to do it. All of these people are extremely talented, they can see through the bullshit, and they’ll see that Mono is a good thing for them.

Wrong Mr De Icazza, I am one Gnome user who didn’t really get interested (although I should of) in the whole MONO debate, thank you for considering whats good for me but if MONO gets carved into Gnome, I am going elsewhere.  What worries me is that the apathy some will have for the inclusion of MONO will cause it to be entertained and tolerated.

Mr De Icazza, whilst Im sure your words are wise?!?! (even though you have to resort to infantile vulgarity) I think I will pass.  I wonder if others will believe you know whats good for them?

Going back to 2002, its clear to see in my opinion that Mr De Icazza has held these views for quite some time.

From this article Mr De Icazza is alleged to have said:

I’d like to see Gnome applications written in .NET in version 4.0 – no, version 3.0. But Gnome 4.0 should be based on .NET,” he told us. “A lot of people just see .NET as a fantastic upgrade for the development platform from Microsoft.

and also its alleged he said:

When it comes to .NET they’ve done a really outstanding job

Source: http://www.theregister.co.uk/2002/02/01/gnome_to_be_based/

So going back to my view about MONO being the poor cousin of .net and thus in itself an enticement for non-Windows users back to Windows when they are hooked, it was nice to see the following:

When Microsoft ships 1.0 we’re not going to be shipping Mono1.0 for at least a year. So we’re late. If they make changes to the API we’ll try and track it down.

So lets have a look at some other users comments from http://www.workswithu.com/2009/07/07/mono-now-safe/ in regards to MONO and its integration into a Linux distro near you!

Embrace, extend, extinguish. That’s exactly what we are seeing here, except this time Microsoft has found out how to dupe the open source community into being happy about it.

Posted by Josh

I think MS has a history of corporate bullying and monopolistic practices, and going to bed with them is not a good idea…..

Posted by Leo

I don’t care what promises m$ make. I just don’t think it is a good idea to let Mono infiltrate linux distros.

Posted by Slumbergod

I admit that some of the paranoia over Mono is just stupid and over the top. However Microsoft never do anything unless it’s to their benefit.

Posted by Aikiwolfie

Ok, so to top it all off Mr De Icazza has this to say on 8th July 2009:

In 2006, the Novell/Microsoft collaboration agreement took place, and it opened the doors for us to have regular conversations with Microsoft.

and also….

Working with Microsoft has been an absolute pleasure….

I will let you do you own research on the MONO question, but ask yourself this,  why do the counters to MONO concerns seem so strong? Is it just me or are some of the counters just a little too aggressive/insulting merely for enthusiastic supporters?  I will let you decide and end on a lighter note:

Could this be a promotional video for MONO (if MONO was a living human being)? If you listen to the lyrics it certainly contains some of the concerns that other users have made about MONO.  – I am of course being flippant and this video is posted in humor, but I think this echos the feelings of some people that there is more to MONO than meets the eye.

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