Proprietary v FOSS? – A chat with John Obeto

I have full faith in the ability of medical emergency-vehicle pursuers’ to bring a cash-rich Google to justice for trampling on the privacy of Americans

Actually, Google has been accused of more heinous crimes than Microsoft.

Source: John Obeto

A shorter post for today but if you follow the link I think you will see why.

I have entered into a (very interesting) discussion with a gentleman called John Obeto who runs the site

Please check out the discussion which is on going here:

I think you will see (by the length of the replies) why I have had little time to make an article here.

I hope the debate is of interest.  It does bring up some very interesting points, firstly is time-up for proprietary as we know it?  Mr Obeto implies that there are some allegations to be leveled towards Google very shortly and if correct is this the sign that monopoly in the IT world should not be supported?  If these implications are correct does it suggest that a firm with a monopoly cannot be trusted to act “honorably” and in the interests of its customers?

Maybe the time for better diversity in market penetration of all platforms is needed?

As always I welcome any comments and if anyone would like to shed further light about any issues with Google that are going to be coming to the fore shortly, I’d love to hear from you either in the comments section or via email.

Goblin –


5 thoughts on “Proprietary v FOSS? – A chat with John Obeto

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  1. As usual Goblin shows no fear, and asks questions on a site that reads like (and mostly likely is) a M$ just the facts type of website. Good luck on getting the details and examples from John, but hey, who knows.

    Is Google evil, my answer is they could be someday. Right now they make mistakes, but generally they are a good company. That changes with the group or person that is in charge of those companies. So yes, while ok now, we still need to watch Google. But sadly if you look at where all the “Bad Google” talk originates from, you start to see the Microsoft shilldome behind it. Now here is a company that really needs to be watched, regulated, fined and broken up, Microsoft.

  2. OPENBYTES says:
    “Whilst I know Mr Obeto has not replied to my second post challenging his reply, I expect he is busy […]”
    YES, it must be he is too busy. Hunting down all those specific facts and examples in order to dazzle us we his vast knowledge of Borg like wisdom, no doubt. But then, it could be more simpler than that, maybe he has just given up? (Which in your humorous understated way I think you might have been suggesting.)

    The best John could have done, was to come up with maybe a couple of weak examples, and the rest of the replies again vague sweeping generalities that appeal to emotion, not facts. Also, as MS shills tend to do, is to just change the subject, not admit defeat, and move on as if they won the old debate. This is a common tactic, as most of us have seen many times.

  3. It seems as part of the “free laptop” crowd of MS faithful, John when asked for examples of his FUD cannot respond. This is about what I would expect from a MS Shill.

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