I have full faith in the ability of medical emergency-vehicle pursuers’ to bring a cash-rich Google to justice for trampling on the privacy of Americans

Actually, Google has been accused of more heinous crimes than Microsoft.

Source: John Obeto http://www.absolutevista.com

A shorter post for today but if you follow the link I think you will see why.

I have entered into a (very interesting) discussion with a gentleman called John Obeto who runs the site absolutevista.com.

Please check out the discussion which is on going here: http://absolutevista.com/blogs/absolutevista/archive/2009/08/10/3130.aspx#comments

I think you will see (by the length of the replies) why I have had little time to make an article here.

I hope the debate is of interest.  It does bring up some very interesting points, firstly is time-up for proprietary as we know it?  Mr Obeto implies that there are some allegations to be leveled towards Google very shortly and if correct is this the sign that monopoly in the IT world should not be supported?  If these implications are correct does it suggest that a firm with a monopoly cannot be trusted to act “honorably” and in the interests of its customers?

Maybe the time for better diversity in market penetration of all platforms is needed?

As always I welcome any comments and if anyone would like to shed further light about any issues with Google that are going to be coming to the fore shortly, I’d love to hear from you either in the comments section or via email.

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