BALLMERS 40%? – Poor poll for Bad Boy Ballmer?

Since the MS faithful like throwing around percentages in regards to the market penetration of Linux, its only fitting then that Microsoft listens to percentages thrown back at it.

Steve Ballmer CEO of Microsoft is a man we have covered numerous times in the past.  You may remember articles such as “A facebook of Ballmer?” and some of his more bizzare (IMO) appearances on stage.

If ever there was a reason for him to perspire (see various Youtube clips) this may be one of them.  It is being reported in a Wall Street Journal poll that around 40% of approximately 3000 readers don’t rate Mr Ballmer performance as very good at all.

But lets not be too hard on him, here is a list of alleged comments that Mr Ballmer has made in his career, which show just how “on the ball” he is. (IMO)

“Google’s not a real company. It’s a house of cards.”

“Linux is a cancer that attaches itself in an intellectual property sense to everything it touches.”

“There’s no chance that the iPhone is going to get any significant market share. No chance.”

As you can see, the man clearly knows what he is talking about!?!?!

You can read the full article here. and thanks to Roy Schestowitz of Boycott Novell for finding and linking that news.   The quotes above can be found here (with many more crackers).

Goblin –

6 thoughts on “BALLMERS 40%? – Poor poll for Bad Boy Ballmer?

  1. well I suspect as MS haved got what they want from Yahoo with out having to spmned bilions he might get rated higher certainly better than Carol and Eric

  2. Hi!

    Its all a waste of time though if they can’t make a dent in Google’s share…

    All across the board (IMO) we are seeing MS playing second best….Ipod/Zune Bing/Google Xbox/WII soon we will have the MS shop…will that be the same story again?

  3. This is one of the area’s that I usually disagree with you Goblin, cause I think Ballmer is smart smart. Its his ethics that I have a problem with. If you look at whats he has done, and what he is, basically a saleman, then you see him in a different light, the monkey dance and all. As a salesman at the helm, like a used car salesman, both Vista and Seven will with a new coat of cheap paint, some interior cleaning, and new seat cushions, but nothing done under the hood.

    Now I known some will say that every time Steve opens his mouth, that the stock price takes a beating, and generally this is true. But consider that Steve is just doing a pre-emptive strike, and trying to make it not as bad as it could be. Steve takes a lot of blame, and in many ways he is just Bill’s whipping boy. Does anyone think that Bill Gates, the largest shareholder, both private and throught his control of the Gates Foundation, Chairman of the Board, and part time employee, is not pulling all the strings, making all the decisions, for his puppet Steve?

    Steve (and Bill, when you think about it) want to pour 10% of Microsoft’s profit into online advertising for the next 5 years. The Data Centers are very expensive, the deal with Yahoo is going cost them. Not only that, but it could backfire on MS since they are being dishonest, unethical, in a Mohave moment, letting Yahoo search users think they are using Yahoo search, when it will be soon, Bing but show as Yahooo on Wonder if this is even legal. Yahoo and Carol should have never agreed to this part. I do believe Yang would have never gone along with this,

  4. Nice take on the article. Steve Ballmer smart? Yep without doubt. Its very easy to simply look at Vista and Bing whilst pointing fingers and I’m sure the man is very intelligent, but appart from (IMO) having market share through OEM and a legacy given to him by Mr Gates, what exactly has Mr Ballmer pioneered which is cornering the market now?

    Im probably the last person to make remarks about Microsoft PR since I champion what I believe to be the better system Linux/Foss, having said that Mr Ballmer (if he is indeed so smart) must be aware of how he is portrayed by his actions on TV.

    To me Mr Ballmer appears like a second hand car salesman, I’ve shown various Steve Ballmer video’s to my mother (who has no interest or involvement with computing) and she says pretty much the same thing. Maybe we are the only two, but regardless of how Mr Gates conducted himself behind closed doors he IMO, gave a much better representation of MS.

    I would say at this time (more than ever) MS needs a positive image, afterall they are trying to push 7 on the back of some issues with the reception of Vista (IMO) is Mr Ballmer and the hours of ridicule posted on youtube a sign that he represents MS well? I’ll leave that for others to decide.

    Great debate! and my take would be (in conclusion) if Bill Gates really is the puppet master behind the scenes, then bring him back to the fore….

    The image of “computer geek made good” (IMO) is far better than the one Mr Ballmer is putting forward in my opinion.

  5. Agreed on the used car salesman mentality. This is what is hurting windows the most IMO. They only want to make it look prettier, not fix the problems, that would be harder. BTW, check your email, review there.

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