So on this day (8th of August) a year ago Openbytes was born.

Looking back over the year Ive been doing this, I can honestly say that I have thoroughly enjoyed spending my time on it.  I have met many people who I hope won’t mind me considering them online friends.  Ive met many people who have rather unique views (and also those who are unable to hold a conversation without vulgarity)  Ive also covered quite a few pieces of news on Linux and its increasing popularity on the desktop.

The very first post written for this blog is HERE and was a review of Eternal Lands, a free RPG that I have enjoyed playing on and off for a long time.  A year on and many server updates later, the game is going strong with a dedicated community of players!

Here is a WordPress graph showing the monthly readership of Openbytes from August 08 until July 09.  Obviously I have cut off August 09’s figures since the month is not yet over.

Monthly readers for August 08 - July 09!
Monthly readers for August 08 - July 09!

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