Having a sensible debate with some of the more "dubious" posters is like having a discussion with Jar Jar Binks on trigonometry.  I wonder if this "blogger" will be any different.
Having a sensible debate with some of the more "dubious" posters is like having a discussion with Jar Jar Binks on trigonometry. I wonder if this "blogger" will be any different.

I have a new site to recommend to my readers (hopefully) .  I noticed it on comp.os.linux.advocacy and whilst the MS Faithful (whatever their motives or intentions) like to say our opinion is worthless, it comes as a little surprise that the creator of this “blog” has decided to spend the time and name me with a little investigation (if somewhat wrong)

Let me start by quoting this “bloggers” description of me, then I will put it to the site that they are liar(s) and let you decide.

Used to troll MS Watch at some point. Then went trolling Neowin with some help. He “exposed” Neowin as a “Windows shill site”, which is akin to exposing fsf.org as a “Stallman shill site”, but you can’t beat investigative journalism of this caliber. Goblin is quick on the trigger but a bit slow on the uptake. He also patrols the ‘net for evil and reports back.

So I used to “troll” MS Watch? I posted far too much to quote here so I will ask you to actually read my comments there.  We had discussions (mostly about Linux) but since MS-Watch changed into more of a Linux forum and it was relevant to the topic at hand there was no harm done.  In fact Joe Wilcox (at the time whose blog it was) actually said publicly I was welcome (please check with him) By the way I’m back on Microsoft-watch since its started up again, please check my posts so far and see if you think I am “trolling”.

Next up “trolling on neowin with help”?  Whose help?  I never claimed Neowin was a shill site (I did imply a bias/ignorance on behalf of SOME of its reporters) please check that article yourself and then have a chuckle how the reporter in questions girlfriend came onto this site and tried to defend him….oh the memories.

If English isn’t this “bloggers” first language, here is a quote from my article at the time:

I am not saying anyone is being paid by Microsoft to post their articles, but as we saw in the case of Chakaradeep, having knowledge in one companies products can often lead to you posting incorrect facts about anothers (either intentionally or not) IMO.”

and here is the link: https://openbytes.wordpress.com/2009/04/30/the-big-boys-are-coming/ So I claimed Neowin was a Windows shill site did I?  Liar.

Please click the included “slow on the uptake” reference.  This was in relation to a Linux advocate I challenged for EXACTLY the same reasons I challenge Windows ones, misleading information (and I believe they are suggesting that I only challenge Microsoft users).  I don’t think anyone is part of a “anti-Microsoft” club and the fact that I am happy to highlight misleading information that favors Linux is a testament to how I don’t really care where FUD comes from, I always challenge it (goes back to my opinion of freedom of choice through informed decision)

The author of this “blog” happily ignores the other people I have exposed (the poster falsely using a legitimate company name to promote Microsoft stock to name just one).  Would you like to come here and bring that up?

Reports back?  Please check my posts and BN.  There is no reporting back and if you had cared to do what I do (which is investigate first before making a comment) you will realize that there are areas of IT where I have vastly different views to Roy, RMS and FOSS in general.  If there was a “boycott-boys” club, I certainly wouldn’t be part of it due to my opinions on DRM to name one area (I actually support it)

So what I’ve done is send an email inviting this “blogger” to openly highlight and expose what they imply on their description of me.  This was sent to vindicareg@gmail.com

To whom it may concern,

I read with interest your description of me on your “blog”.

I put it to you that you are a liar and invite you to visit my blog and openly give evidence on what you have implied.  You should be aware that any email response will be published. The article is entitled: ” You know you have made it when…..” and you can find it (if you didn’t already know) at http://www.openbytes.wordpress.com.

Yours faithfully


So you are probably now wondering what site I am refering to.  I am not prepared to link to it and give the author cheap hits UNLESS they come here and comment.   Its only fair that I have the chance to hear the basis for their opinions and I will be quite happy to donate some hits to their “blog” if they are willing to do this.

One thing though, the creators seem to like my idea of having a latin phrase as part of their title…. I wait in hope, but if you look back on previous “challenges” on this blog, when I respond to people who seek to tell lies, they never come back which is a shame because as Ive always said I encourage people to challenge posters on the net in the spirit of making IT decisions on the basis on informed choice.

So there you are Vindicareg, I challenge you to post here.  I challenge you to justify yourself and your opinions.  Since trolling and nymshifting seem to be the remit of those with a Windows view (IMO) could you please send and email confirming it is actually you posting here.

I should be flattered really, as well as using my idea of having a latin phrase in the site name, the author has spent time trying to find “dirt” (IMO) on me.  Its unfortunate that the only dirt they can find is where I show my impartiality when challenging a Linux user (just as I do Windows ones)

Goblin – bytes4free@googlemail.com