CHROME OS – First look?

What will Google release mid 2010? Whatever it is I thinks its stolen a little of the thunder from Redmonds Windows 7 release date.
What will Google release mid 2010? Whatever it is I thinks its stolen a little of the thunder from Redmonds Windows 7 release date.

The original news from Google that it was producing its own OS for release in 2010 was met with quite a welcome in the FOSS community.  It was reported that Google shares benefited from the news at the time and to be fair pretty much everyone (IMO) has an interest in it, even if it is just to look at what Google is planning on releasing.

Google themselves have been pretty sparing with the features of this OS, here is what they had to say:

“Google Chrome OS is an open source, lightweight operating system that will initially be targeted at netbooks. Later this year we will open-source its code, and netbooks running Google Chrome OS will be available for consumers in the second half of 2010…..”

You can read their blog entry on the subject here:

It was with interest that on Twitter today I noticed a comment linking to a site allegedly containing leaked screen shots of the new OS.  Are these genuine or not?  Who knows, but its food for thought in what actually will be released mid 2010.  You can read the article here:

My personal opinion of these photo’s is that they are fake, although they are quite nice concepts.   This to me looks more like a customized (and creative) KDE desktop.

Here’s another alleged set of screen shots (although I don’t think that these are as professional looking as the previous blogger)

The writer of this blog says:

“Hi there. I work for a company (Sorry to be secretive, but what I am about to post could get me in big trouble) that supplies parts for Acer laptops. Today, a Google Rep visited the Acer team to install and quickly show off some of the features of the Google OS in development.

I was invited by Acer to come and view the demo.

I can say and give only what I  know and have.”

Right……so instead of risking your job and selling these pictures to the mainstream press, you risk your job and offer them for free?  I’m sorry, I have a hard time accepting your blog entry (although I’d be happy to be proved wrong) This time it looks to me as if its simply an XFCE desktop which has been modified.

Finally here is a post where the author seems to have the same opinion as me and states:

“OK, we’re kidding – anyone can knock up something in Photoshop and claim to have a secret screenshot of whatever new product is hot at the time.

The image above is one that we’ve come up with to show how Google Chrome OS could shape up to look when it’s complete.”

You can see that blog here:–614924

Whatever the final product looks like, I dont think many can argue that its taken a little of the edge of the Windows 7 release date.  Google have until mid 2010 to develop what they are saying they will release.  During that time I would expect interest to grow as well as blogs with allegedly “real” pictures.   Real or not these blogs (IMO) are feeding the hunger people have to see exactly what Google has in store and that to me (regardless of what it actually is) has stolen a little of the thunder from Redmonds Windows 7 release.

According to some at the time, this was what Vista was going to look like.  Heres one of the many "leaked" screenshots from 2005....oh how in hindsight we can laugh...
According to some at the time, this was what Vista was going to look like. Heres one of the many "leaked" screenshots from 2005....oh how in hindsight we can laugh...

If we cast our minds back to 2005, the same thing happened with Vista.  There were a plethora of alleged real screenshots (what a shock we were in for when we tried the final product for ourselves?) Funnily enough, shortly after that time Microsoft did some changing themselves and tested some unsuspecting people with Mojave, which was Vista disguised as another OS.  You can read about that experiment here: and then consider in (hindsight) why you think Microsoft wanted to conduct this experiment.   I have written entries on the Mojave experiment (and my  opinions of it) in the past, to me a fair test of any OS is on your own specs and I think people saw that the experience of those using Mojave were vastly different to the ones that they got when they installed it on their own machines.  The Mojave experiment was conducted on machines (allegedly) with 2gig of ram and consider that even these days 2gig is overkill for many (certainly those running Linux for common tasks IMO)  infact this post is currently being typed on a machine with 2gig and having a quick look at my memory usage, I am only using 15% of it, yet I have two seperate browser instances, my mail client and an IRC client all running at the same time.

The one thing the Mojave experiment is good for (IMO) was to highlight where the MS faithful possibly get their 1% figure from (in respect of Linux market penetration)  According to the Mojave site, the people involved in this experiment broke down as follows:

  • 84% Windows XP users
  • 22% Apple operating system users
  • 14% Pre-Windows XP users
  • 1% Linux users
  • Some users use multiple platforms.


I wonder if Google will disguise their OS, put it on specs of their choosing and “test” members of the public? I wouldn’t have thought so, Google has a “clean slate” when it comes to OS’s.

This could be the making of Google as an OS developer, but whatever it turns out to be, its another choice for users and that can only be a good thing.

In the meantime, I continue to be impressed with the builds of Chromium.  Im currently running (0)

Goblin –


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  1. Another nice article Goblin. I suspect, but do not know, is that Chrome OS will be basically an improved for Netbook Android with a Linux kernel, with of course, Chrome as the browser, and more web applications. Also, I suspect, the kernel is mostly likely hacked from Ubuntu, as the in house version of Linux that Google runs has long been rumored to be based on Ubuntu.

    My one question which we will probably not know until Chrome OS comes out is will it be possible to hack in apt-get into Chrome OS? Or will Google already give us that?

    Google’s Android OS have been ported to the netbook now. If anyone is interested in running it as a live cd or better, or in a vm, from a usb stick, here is the download link:

    Bear in mind that this is still mostly a cell phone OS that has only recently been ported to the Netbook. But it could be the basis for the future Chrome OS.

  2. Let me add to that comment as found one thing misleading on my comment. Android is a cellphone OS that has been ported to Netbooks. While the download link is only for Intel based platforms, there are ARM based Android OS made for cellphones as well. The link I found was thanks to one of the many articles from Roy at BN.

    Now the correction: While its possible that the kernel for Android/Chrome OS is based on Ubuntu, its more likely based on Debian. As Debian is upstream from Ubuntu and has their own ARM distro, which at present I do not believe Ubuntu has, but might be working on now.

  3. Hi all!

    As I was saying in my article, the interest created from merely the announcement is obvious….the hits this article has recieved in the last two days is nearly 1000 and as I said before, I think the announcement by Google has certainly stolen some of Microsoft’s thunder (IMO)

  4. Hi Hmad, I would think most people are (even if they are happy with their own choices at the moment)

    Google, like any company should be encouraged when producing an alternative. For me I think its great purely because it gives users another choice (when its released)

    Will I use the Chrome OS? who knows? I’ll tell you when I see it!

    At the moment, I’m very happy with Wolvix and Mepis 8 has made a fan of my wife!

  5. Google is NOT a company I am fond of… I mean they are a VERY big company now and really… TOO BIG for their own good!
    Google has become known as a ‘spy-happy’ company by the intelligent, computer literate and know that Google is one company to stay AWAY from, Free or Not!

    They have hired individuals who make their living as a spy in governmental agencies and the likes to help them in their efforts of spying on us.

    In fact, that is what their Google toolbar is all about! It digs in to your info on your computer and tracks just about everything you do online. Google also NEVER DELETES ANYTHING anymore and keeps all data they ever collect on you or anyone.



    People… come on… DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH!!! As my father always told me as a kid, THINK before your act!!!

    Now-a-days, I think, research and then act accordingly.
    If you need to respond to something immediately, go with your gut feeling, but make sure you are reading it correctly by practising using it on all your decisions.

    Google CHURNS MY guts!!!

    Good Luck in whatever you choose to do!!


    Probably about the same as Microsoft did when it was able to claim to be the only desktop OS solution….I say give Google a chance, Microsoft have had that and (IMO) blown it. Do we need to list allegations of their practices?

    Whatever Google turns out to be, its another option for the end user and that can only be a good thing. We cannot second guess a companies software or behaviour until its been released. I think since Google has shown MS that it can do the search far better, MS is worried about what else Google can do better too.

    It will be very interesting next year.

    I celebrate Google, lets give them a “crack of the whip”

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