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"The IT Crowd" a great British sitcom.  It was the IT pro's questioned by market researchers that led to some interesting views on Linux.  Its certainly not what I've been hearing from the MS Faithful.

"The IT Crowd" a great British sitcom. It was the IT pro's questioned by market researchers that led to some interesting views on Linux. Its certainly not what I've been hearing from the MS Faithful.


This article has two pieces of news to it.  The first being about journalism.  Those of you who visited Microsoft-Watch may remember that when Joe Willcox was let go he explained about the issues surrounding journalism, he mentioned layoffs.  I don’t think it can be argued that off the shelf publications have also suffered in recent times, not just due to the recession but also the rise of RSS, the net, blogs and everyone who has a web presence wanting to say their opinion on something.

With that it mind I think it shows an indicator of the impact Canonical and Ubuntu has had on the computing market since today in my local newsagents I saw on the shelves next to the popular PC magazines “Ubuntu User”.  Before anyone comments, I understand that this magazine started its life in April 09, however its very rare I get to the newsagents these days and even rarer that I look at the off the shelf magazines.

Now in these days of recession and as Joe has implied, challenging times for journalism, does this magazine suggest that Linux has had far more of an impact than some would like us to believe? after-all, its one distro of many and according to the MS faithful Linux has such a small desktop penetration, one could be forgiven for wondering why the publishers have released it?  Could it be that the myths we read about Linux are true, in which case the publisher of Ubuntu User are committing commercial suicide or could it be that the insignificance of Linux is grossly exaggerated and in-fact there is a good market for it?

I will let you decide the answer to this and also consider how many Linux only magazines are on your local shelves AND how many of the mainstream PC magazines cover Linux too.

For those interested in Ubuntu User – visit this link: http://www.ubuntu-user.com/


The second piece of news comes from some British market researchers who have written an excellent report on Linux and its deployment, questioning over 1000 users.

“When asked during a recent online survey of over a thousand IT professionals with experience of desktop Linux deployment in a business context, over 70% of respondents indicated cost reduction as the primary driver for adoption. Ease of securing the desktop and a general lowering of overheads associated with maintenance and support were cited as factors contributing to the benefit.” Source: Dale Vile and Martin Atherton – Linux on the desktop.

What else was interesting what that when IT professionals were asked:

“What are the main considerations when evaluating/selecting a desktop Linux distribution for use in a business environment?”

nearly 50% cited usability, over 30% said ease of support by IT, nearly 15% said reliability/stability and over 10% said compatibility and integration.

The report is a fascinating read and you can find it here: http://www.freeformdynamics.com/fullarticle.asp?aid=678

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  1. I’ve noticed that the slide in the following article has a strange effect on the MS-shill brigade. It appears to cause temporary muteness in many of them:


    Posted by Will | July 21, 2009, 12:25 pm


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