MONO – No! No!: A useful utility & Billy Gates’s Teapot.

Want MONO to stay off your system?  Mononono is the answer.  Download yourself a copy today!
Want MONO to stay off your system? Mononono is the answer. Download yourself a copy today!

I won’t go into detail about a subject that has already been discussed at length on many blogs, however I would like to bring your attention to a small piece of software that will prevent MONO from being installed on your distro:

I had promised on #boycottnovell that I would link to this, however due to a busy schedule it completely slipped my mind.

In the meantime anyone wanting to get the C++ port of Tomboy (and according to Trmanco) save yourself 52mb of space by removing MONO bloat, get yourself over to the Gnote homepage and download the Tomboy replacement!

If you a interested in reading a little more on why MONO has caused a debate (and haven’t been privy to the discussions), Richard Stallman has written a very good article on the subject that can be found here:

Sites like Boycott Novell tireless help educate people to the issues surrounding MONO, and if you are a new Linux user it is certainly worth you educating yourself at to what MONO is, who develops it and the worry it poses to some people in the FOSS community.

I am sorry to all those who find this old news, I have received a few emails asking about MONO concerns and since I did say I would link to Mononono I thought I would post it now.

Billy Gate’s Teapot

Finally for a little light relief (and those who emailed me regarding “God gave Windows Vista to you”) it appears that Bill Gates has become jealous.  Here to prove there is only one Billy Gates, is his latest track “I’m a little Teapot”


Goblin –


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