BT not deploying Phorm?

It being reported that ISP BT is no longer considering Phorm at the present time.   It is being reported that Phorm shares were down 46.13% on Monday afternoon.

Phorm (for those that dont know and should) is a service where users browser activity is monitored so that a more directed advertising experience is delivered.

There is a interesting article here. which whilst is unsubstantiated (IMO) in its declaration of which ISP’s deploy Phorm, we see our favorite Virgin Media pop up again, with its anti-piracy stance on one hand and very fast speeds on the other.  Remember the issue of binaries?  Virgin Media never did clear up with Openbytes if they offer thier customers access to alt.binaries as part of their package. (I would appreciate someone confirming this)

Phorm has had alot of press regarding privacy concerns, however the issue I have with it is more that I am seen as a target for people to sell me things.  This to me is what is ruining the internet, as soon as comercial takes an interest (IMO) it gets ruined.  Look at the amount of strange Twitter accounts who are advertising products.  We saw this years ago with IRC and spambots (although there are still some committed dedicated IRC spammers out there)

When will services like Phorm understand, if I want to buy something it will be because of friend recommendation or my own research, not an advert that pops up on a screen and says “You must buy me now, great offer”

Allegedly Phorm has had legal advice to send out letters/email of those it considered as slurring its name (I have personally yet to confirm or deny this) so the message to Phorm from me is, please feel free to try it with Openbytes (if the allegations are true).  I look forward to hearing from you.

I like many other bloggers I’ve read would leave my ISP if it had anything to do with Phorm or a similar product and I believe Phorm is one subject that Openbytes is very guilty of ignoring.

You can visit the Phorm site yourself: and decide if you think it a good idea.

The BBC article can be found here.

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  1. Hi Goblin
    Excuse me by small number of post (read nil)but really I am very busy.

    Well: do you read this?:
    And it’s a genius play. So many people are buying netbooks right now, but are running WIndows XP on them. Windows XP is 8 years old. It was built to run on Pentium IIIs and Pentium 4s. Google Chrome OS is built to run on both x86 architecture chips and ARM chips, like the ones increasingly found in netbooks. It is also working with multiple OEMs to get the new OS up and running next year.
    Interesting one, is not it?

  2. Agreed. I unfortunately was an XP buyer on a netbook (for reasons of needing access to a broadband dongle) As per my review, XP did not run too well, and I wish I had been able to keep my Linux one.

  3. Really I am amazed MS is using all possible resources to silence voices against it (a example was Microsoft Watch-bet that it will be working -again- AFTER lunch of seven)

    Microsoft is a MAFIA.

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