Its nice when I get a chance to make a post thats not challenging innapropriate behaviour, and its also nice to take a break (of sorts) from the usual articles I write.

Over on Twitter, I had the pleasure of meeting the Bullying UK charity, you can visit their website here: and make sure you follow their Twitter here:

This is the reason why I am creating this article is because they are users of FOSS (as well as being a good cause).

One of the best things FOSS users have is IMO a sense of “community” , afterall we are alone in a world of proprietary software with massive advertising bugets yet still we are able to form communities and help each other.  I am sending my list of skills to this charity as well as finding out their requirements for help for referall to others , I would urge you to do the same.  What better way to do something you enjoy whilst helping a charity? – Its win, win.

They help over 500k people on a very small budget and I’m sure everyone reading this has something to offer the charity in order to support the good work it is doing.  So artists/coders/engineers/users unite and donate your time/skills!

Thanks everyone!

Goblin –