MicroPirates, Censorship & Openbytes to be “ripped apart”?

Sunday has been rather interesting.   I hope you enjoy this light relief, tongue in cheek look at the silliness some will engage in whilst promoting a Microsoft cause.  Remember the girlfriend of a faithful MS poster coming here?  I can’t promise you anything as funny or tragic as that (it will be difficult to beat) but heres a little entertainment.  Today we met some new “characters” in the World of baseless Windows promotion.  Whilst I appologise now on behalf of Mr Hussain et al regarding their inability to control their vulgar language, I think inclusion of such behaviour proves a valid point, that being that when many of the Microsoft faithful are challenged, they have to resort to it.

Manan is going to "rip apart" this article.  I hope everyone is looking forward to his impending arrival.
Manan is going to "rip apart" this article. I hope everyone is looking forward to his impending arrival.

Nothing though would prepare me for Mr Hussains “supporters” and without further ado, lets meet the first one: Here’s Manan, he’s going to “rip apart” this post (his words) once he recieves a link, as he doesnt seem yet able to identify where my blog is)  Here’s looking forward to the “ripping” talking of which, we move on to supporter number two of Mr Hussain:

Lets meet, http://twitter.com/Waisybabu you can find his website here: http://waisybabu.wordpress.com/ now Waisybabu is a very brave individual and if you agree with him or not, I want you to take a moment and celebrate the fact that he stands up for his belief.  His belief?  Copyright infringement is OK because in his country he can’t buy the products legally.  Mail order?  The real brave part of his conviction though is that he posts a photo of himself 😉 whilst fully admitting to infringing copyright. Coincidental that Manan mentions ripping the article apart and Waisybabu is downloading a rip at roughly the same time!

Unfortunately he does seem to have lost his bottle somewhat, since he posted:

“better to be safe than sorry. There go all my tweeets!”

I presume in respect to his infringment addmitions.  Don’t worry though, I have screen dumps of them, should anyone be interested,  Including (but not limited to) his admition of downloading “How I met your mother” at over 300k per second.  I wonder if he would like me to forward these details onto the TPB cause?  I’m sure they would be happy to champion someone who is so fearless in the face of copyright law.  Who knows, they could use his photo to champion their campaign.

Now meet Waisybabu.  He's got no problems telling you about his infringing on copyright...that is until you point out he can't justify it.   If any agencies want his details (and screen dump evidence) please just email.  This is the second of Mr Hussains "supporters" that came to his defense.
Now meet Waisybabu. He's got no problems telling you about his infringing on copyright...that is until you point out he can't justify it. If any agencies want his details (and screen dump evidence) please just email. This is the second of Mr Hussains "supporters" that came to his defense.

Now finally lets get onto Mr Hussain, the man who I have to thank for introducing me to such a nice range of people.  You can check out his blog/site (which certainly does live up to its name of thinking differently) at http://www.ithinkdiff.com and remember, dont be lazy or ignorant, upgrade your XP at its earliest convenience.

Mr Hussain did make one valid point, I am about to quote some comments Ive recieved by readers of his blog, which as Mr Hussain implies I have no way of proving if they are real.  With that in mind, I ask you to judge Mr Hussain et al on what they have already said.

“…….after upgrading from xp to Vista on the promise of a better system I won’t make that mistake again”

“….who the hell does he think he is, I love XP why should I upgrade”

“…..i moved to mac and have not regretted it…”

“…you’ve found another one Goblin.How do you do it? :)”

As I say though, judge Mr Hussain and friends on what they have typed.  Got an opinion? Please feel free to email.  Please also accept my appologies, I canot respond to all the emails simply because I didn’t expect to recieve so many.

The original article on OpenBytes in regards to XP – 7 can be found here: https://openbytes.wordpress.com/2009/06/27/too-lazy-to-upgrade-to-7/

Ive seen some badly thought-out sites, but Mr Hussain does’nt appear to hold with the idea of free speech and until I took to screen dumping my comments, he had taken to deleting the ones he didnt like and I’m not sure why, since my comments sparked a rare occurance on his blog – people actually started posting on it.  I would hope they keep in mind for the future Mr Hussains views on censorship though.

Now all we can do is wait for Manan.  I am genuinely interested in seeing this ripping apart.

I hope you’ve enjoyed todays characters, judging by the hits I’ve recieved I’d say you have.   Maybe Manan and his blog can carry on the legacy of Mr Hussain.  We will wait and see!


Mr Hussain seems to think my latest post was worth deleting, although he has now decided to link to the twitpic.  I have removed that twitpic for two reasons as I would hope people read the discussion here, and secondly one simply has to look at his blog to see who has stimulated interest.  Mr Hussain needs to learn to stand by his decisions, if he thought my post was worthy of deleting then why link it?  It seems Mr Hussain certainly does “think differently”

Goblin – bytes4free@googlemail.com


17 thoughts on “MicroPirates, Censorship & Openbytes to be “ripped apart”?

Add yours

  1. Let me refresh your memory and the post you made to Mr Hussain on Twitter. It was clear your position of support for him. I didn’t challenge you on that though, since thats your opinion, I challenged you on your copyright infringement when you engaged me in further conversation. I don’t look for support, infact I prefer not to have it since I believe that diverse opinion is the means to an informed choice for the end user.

    I would also suggest that the readers I have don’t like agreement either, and a good heated debate seems to bring in twice as many hits as one where everyone agrees.

    I am not here to sell anyone anything, I do not gain out of someone using Linux (if you care to look at a point I’ve mentioned many times, I dont want a mass migration to Linux, lest it becomes like the binary slug of Windows. Ive said it so many times now I get fed up of repeating myself.)

    Quote “Sending details is that like invading privacy?”

    Simply answer – No, your comments of copyright infringement were posted publically by you.

    I am not a company or institution nor have you sent me any details with the expectation of privacy. You provided everything on an open forum, urgo the “fact” is in the public domain.

    I do not know anything about you personally, I only know what you posted. If someone wanted to find out anything about you then presumably a court order would be required for your blog/site provider or Twitter IP logs to be disclosed. (depending on your country and law)

    I hope that clears it up. I wouldn’t worry too much though having some knowledge on the legal side of copyright (leaning more towards criminal rather than civil) I’d suggest that a two line confession on Twitter is considerably less than the weight of evidence required to prove “beyond all reasonable doubt” in the UK anyway. Infact, I would go as far to say “balance of probabilities” would be difficult to achieve in a civil court aswell.

    Just my opinion. For the record though in respect of your copyright infringement, just like Mr Hussain’s site, IMO no one is interested.


  2. And yes, I did download How I Met Your Mother at 300K per second. Go ahead and report this to MPAA or RIAA or whatever POS there is in your country. I have to justify what I download, when I download or how fast I download to anyone, anywhere. 🙂

    Have a shitty day!

    1. eh…yes gentlemen….good skills there..

      Im not even sure what waisybabu’s point is….

      Firstly, its taken him over a year to respond in the comments here (the article was written in 2009)….oh well better late than never. He then says:

      Quote “Manan’s supporters? I supported you as well!”

      Listen, I don’t want your support, I don’t want anyone’s support. I can’t speak for you, but I put my opinions on the net and if you agree, great, if not, thats great too.

      Quote “I forgot to tell you one thing:Fuck you ”

      What an awesome (1 year late) counter you make there… lol and then you go onto some bizarre rant/confession about what you download…..again, a year and 3 months after I wrote the article.

      Then Hamad jumps on the bandwagon with:

      Quote “Dear Openbytes, As I read this post, I realized how much of a fucking retard are you.
      Kind Regards, Hamad”

      And unfortunately when he tried to get in on the action, he didn’t realize he was responding a year and 3 months after the article either. Displays a delicious irony in his remark of “retard” when his sole comeback is merely a swear word…

      Good effort gentlemen! I didn’t think I could have a chuckle so long after I’d written something.

      Maybe you just have a slow dialup and its taken you a year to download the page? 🙂

      Please chaps, waste someone elses time unless you are going to debate like adults (and in a timely manner)

      And if readers do care to remember this article at the time, the threat of “ripping appart” Openbytes was never followed up….infact Ive more than tripled my readership since then.

      Have you two ever thought of a comedy double act?


        1. eh? Make a double of myself? or highlight that its taken you 1 year and 3 months to respond to the comments with a swear word and a claim of downloading a movie?

          Sorry, is this some sort of joke I’m not getting?
          Maybe there is some sort of time dilation here where you are talking to me from 2009?

          More likely its a case of a parallel universe where in your world the laws of common sense are thrown out of the Window…(no pun intended)

          Kindest regards


    1. Well its not, is it? You’ve been busy over on twitter too…telling people you were blocking me yet engaging in conversation with me. Your choice….

      Lets have a link to one of your articles then and lets also hear why you think its me thats acting like a 12 year old when you can’t even control your behaviour or language.

      Waisybabu, people can read this article and your comments you know. I think its very obvious who can’t act like an adult here.

    1. Eh? Not open? I don’t moderate, I don’t delete posts. What exactly am I not Open about?

      I’ll gladly respond to your questions if you need anything cleared up. I don’t moderate or censor anything.

      Of course, you’ve proved you have no argument because you haven’t stated it and merely tried (unsucessfully) to insult.

      Don’t worry though, on the new article that has arisen out of this, I’ll quote your comment again just to show how open I am. Its very interesting why all these people are digging up a post which is so old and apparently seem to have either an indirect or direct connection to a site that seems to think its ok to behave in a vulgar and agressive manner on Twitter (and here)

      Maybe this is all a wind up and a joke Im not getting? Ive seen no debate from anyone, just vulgarity and an acceptance of bad behaviour, all the while calling me the troll while they visit my site. I’d completely forgotten about Waisybabu and I’d certainly never seen that site he posts on, why come back after a year?

      1. “I’d completely forgotten about Waisybabu and I’d certainly never seen that site he posts on, why come back after a year?”

        To remind just how fucked up you are. 😀

        1. Grow up waisybabu. Lets see what the wider community think of your vulgarity and repeated lies. You claimed you were blocking me on twitter, then you kept up with the vulgar posts.

          You come back to a post without reason a year later with more vulgarity and can’t give any reason for this. Im F&&kd up? When have I returned to an article a year later just to post with vulgarity and childishness? Who’s messed up here? I’ll let the readers decide.

          Please in the meantime continue on. You should know that I have screengrabbed our entire conversation on Twitter….just like a year ago when you deleted things you didn’t like and wouldn’t even stand by what you said. Let me remind you of those activities:

          Quote “better to be safe than sorry. There go all my tweeets!”

          So theres another issue you have to add to being vulgar, you also censor and won’t stand by what you say.

          But worse than that, in this very thread you can’t even tell the truth. Readers only need to go up a few posts to see your comment:

          Quote “My final response:”

          Only to see you return AGAIN……how long is this going to go on for, I have to cover your behaviour and your affiliates/opinion in an article…..you’ve given me so much material already… I really don’t need to make a comment on the article since your behaviour says it all. As always, I let the readers decide and unlike you do not delete posts.

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