Coming up – The future of NZB?

I have been doing a little research after speaking with a supporter of Mr Hussain.  Theres an interesting point being brought up by him, that being Pakistan has a piracy problem.

In between posting (and being censored by) Mr Hussain, I have found some interesting information, and the next blog article will be on newsgroups and the spread of copyright infringing material.  Firstly the question I will ask is, how big a problem is NZB in Pakistan, what exactly is in an NZB and in relation to the UK, which ISP’s provide access to the binaries whilst trying to promote anti-piracy.   Double standards? We have been there before and I will be looking towards Virgin Media in respect of what they offer their customers.

Also I would appreciate emails from anyone from Pakistan in relation to piracy.  In particular an answer to the question, why do the NZB’s seem more popular over there than BT?  Is there a reason for this?

Goblin –


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