Andre Da Costa posting as Mr Dee on Cnet?

Very short post here, Ill let others read for themselves.

Thanks to Will who directed me to CNET I think I have something of interest to anyone who wanted to seek further evidence in the allegation that Andre Da Costa posted as Mr Dee on CNET.  BTW Screen dumps taken should the offending articles be removed!

Heres a post by Mr Dee over on CNET:

by Mr. Dee June 24, 2009 4:43 PM PDT
So 19,000 users said no on Twitter. What about the other 499,981,000 million users of Outlook world wide. Don’t they have a say too?

Heres the link:;contentBody

and heres Andre Da Costa posting on his Twitter account:

So 19,000 users said no on Twitter. What about the other 499,981,000 million users of Outlook world wide. Don’t they have a say too?12:43 AM Jun 25th from web

You can find Mr Da Costa’s Twitter here:

A coincidence? or is Mr Da Costa using aliases to put his “points” across.  I would ask him to reply, but since he never did over the laptop allegation, I wont hold my breath.

Goblin –


10 thoughts on “Andre Da Costa posting as Mr Dee on Cnet?

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  1. As you know, I have said for a long time that Andre is Mr Dee over on CNET. Then one day, Andre challenged me on that at MS Watch. He had changed the user account information on CNET. To this:;contentBody#8172435

    However, I was able to find the old one, but not through the same way:

    Notice that both user accounts contain the same number or post, same starting date, and same posts, word for word. Also the second link for Mr. Dee clearly labels the CNET account as Andre Da coasta.

    Sound we not wonder how a Known M$ Shill can just change his CNET account so easily? Or is it the Paul Allen funding behind CNET that makes it so easy for him to do this?

  2. Bluehornets comment removed because of believed spam.

    He said:

    This look interesting,so far.
    If it’s not just all bots here, let me know. I’m looking to network
    Oh, and yes I’m a real person LOL.

  3. Hands down my favourite Mr Dee comment:

    Sometime I say to myself, thank heavens for Microsoft and the focus on democratizing technology. If this industry was left to Apple alone, so many people would not be able to afford computers because a certain erratic individual who had to be fired from his own Company in 80’s thought that Computers must be compared to name brand stuff like Sony Walkman, Mercedes and sold in rich people department stores. That is the philosophy of Apple that a certain group of people should not be able to also be creative and be able to utilize technology. I remember reading an interview Jobs did, he said, the people that created the Mac are artist, musicians, poets, actors. That’s the most elitist thing I have ever heard. So what about the accountant, the student, the lawyer, the construction worker, the child that wants to learn things…etc? When Apple said Computer’s for the rest of us, it was not talking about the over 6 billion people world wide. It meant Paris, Brad, Tom, Denzel, Angelina, Halle, Donald, Britney and those other people who live in Hollywood.

    Wow! surreal, like a Fellini film

    original article:


  4. Hi!

    I don’t think it matters if its Apple,Microsoft,Cannonical or even (blast from the past) Commodore. Its harmful to innovation and choice to have one format “ruling the roost” over all others.

    I have said before I’m not after Linux having 100% share, to me we need a more equal balance, or if not that then at least a little fair play to allow others to make an informed choice.

    I am actually against the EU anti-trust way of doing things since Ive been burned by their “great ideas” over the utility companies in the UK.

    The answer? I don’t know, however Roy from BoycottNovell has done some great work IMO educating people and now reporting some of the underhanded posters to the FTC. I think we should all do this.

    If someone has an honest held belief in a product then thats great we can have a discussion, if they are doing it for payment and/or gifts, then they need to be challenged.

    Thanks for visiting my blog!


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