Are you not upgrading to 7 because you are lazy? Thats one of the idea's Imran Hussain has for users not wanting to upgrade. So your'e not lazy? How about ignorant? thats another explanation Imran Hussain is putting forward. One could be forgiven for thinking he may be trying to promote Linux with posts like that.

I normally resist the urge.  One of my favorite Microsoft faithful posters has, IMO hit upon hard times.  It was well remembered the skill he had in making an incorrect statement in favor of a Microsoft product and then failing to answer any of the challenges that would be forthcoming.  He was a legend.  That was Microsoft Watch though, and since Joe Wilcox has left the site has become stale (IMO)

Nowadays “he who cannot be named” is limited to repeating the news that others have reported and providing tutorials for tasks that even the newest of PC users could manage (IMO).

I would normally not even bother clicking one of his “links” which (if he stands by his implication) somehow proves that Windows and Microsoft are as great as his PR posts of yesteryear claimed.  This time I did, and Im glad.

I’d like you to take a look at this article: its by an author called Imran Hussain, who really knows how to make friends and thinks that one of the reasons that XP users are not upgrading is because they are too lazy.  Is this real?  Please click the above link, I’m not making this up.

So now you have read his “article” lets look closer at some of his claims as to why people dont want to upgrade XP and see if you think any of them relate to you:

“The current OS just works”

Well silly me, how dare a user with a working OS that provides the functionality they require NOT upgrade.  Ive found Linux just works, should I upgrade to 7 too? 😉

“Too lazy”

Im sure XP users are going to love that one.  Too lazy?  Any XP users reading this like to agree that they are too lazy to upgrade?

“Because Microsoft is a monopoly so they wont support it by upgrading. They’ll stick with Windows XP”

Er no Mr Hussain.  Thats a silly reason.  I choose Linux because I believe its the better system.  If I found Microsoft products functional and value for money I would not mind paying, monopoly or not.  In addition Mr Hussain you fail to acknowledge that there are users who dont want to support Microsoft and still want the products.  You can find them downloading pirate versions of Microsoft products on any Bittorrent or P2P tracker. (Thats one for the Microsoft shareholders to note)


Only the ignorant would stay with XP or not upgrade.  There you go, thats Mr Hussains word not mine.

“Don’t know there’s a new version of Windows”

Now heres a reason that Mr Hussain may have correct.  I have spoken to and read many reports about bad feeling with Vista (including my own experience) can you blame users for having no interest in Microsoft future releases if they have had a bad experience with Vista?

“Media. Ridiculous propaganda by ridiculous blogs who like sucking up to Apple and live an anti-Microsoft life”

Whilst I don’t really mention Apple, I do mention Linux.  I hope I fit this category. Ive lived without Microsoft products in the home for a long time now.  I’m very happy.  Anti-Microsoft? I wouldnt think so, yes I challenge silly posts like yours Mr Hussian and yes I am repulsed by the allegations against Microsoft in the press/media/web.  Anti Microsoft?  Sorry no, the day Microsoft releases something of value to me I will quite happily champion it (and when it manages to distance itself from the allegations against it on the net) Mr Hussain, would you like to comment on Comes V Microsoft papers?

Moving onto his “gems” of wisdom in more detail:

“For example, why wouldn’t anyone want to take advantage of the built in codecs available in Windows Media Player 12 in Windows 7? or the new Device Stage? or built in ISO burning?”

Mr Hussain, check a “mainstream” Linux distro.  Brasero? K3b?  I don’t know about Windows users but we have been enjoying those features in Linux for a long while.  You say these are advantages?  Are you sure you are not promoting Linux?

“or the hardware accelerated user interface (AERO) that’s not just eye candy but actually helps in productivity as well, Aero Snap being the prime example.”

Of course Mr Hussain.  I’m sure you know that Linux users have been enjoying Compiz features for a long time, and in my opinion we can achieve more impressive results on lower specs.

“It’s more secure. That’s the number one complaint from people who experience viruses and worms, they want a secure OS. Use Windows 7 with Microsoft Security Essentials, and you’re safe and sound. It also provides built in security enhancements and a refined User Account Control ( UAC). Although, no OS can claim responsibility for lack of common sense on behalf of the user.”

LOL.  Yes we’ve heard this claim before.  Notice the way Mr Hussain tells you how secure the system is and then at the end puts a little disclaimer blaming the user if anything goes wrong?

“no OS can claim responsibility for lack of common sense on behalf of the user.”


“it’s faster. On recent hardware, it outperforms Windows XP. It’s not just a claim, it’s proven.”

Er yes, well that’s obvious isn’t it?  If it wasn’t faster on recent hardware it would be a poor show.  For your information XP on recent hardware is faster than XP on old hardware.  Pretty obvious?  Before you get too excited you may want to check the off the shelf publications who have claimed that in some cases XP is still faster, and in PC PLUS Magazine (I believe) it states the XP is the gamers choice BECAUSE OF ITS SPEED OVER 7.  There’s also issues being reported on Twitter from Windows 7 users Mr Hussain, but I’m sure all those people are just lazy and ignorant.

The SuperbarImproves multitasking in certain scenario”

Wow, improves Multitasking?  I thought we had multitasking from the days of the A500?  Maybe Mr Hussain has never multitask-ed before, and I’d love to hear his evidence of these “certain scenario’s”

“This is for all you gamers out there. With DirectX 11, you’ll not only get prettier graphics, but also improved frame rates.”

I’d urge users to actually check this claim.  Its not what I’ve read by the tests run in the off the shelf publications, who are still saying XP is the gamers choice.  Ive written an article recently showing why I believed that games on the PC are on the decline, and that consoles effectively have sealed the fate of the PC game.  Don’t believe me?  Add into that the loss the industry makes from piracy, and the number of PC titles shops carry compared to console ones.


I think Mr Hussains article says quite alot.  Its another one of those general articles that implies there’s great features of 7 but never goes into any real detail.  Maybe its posts like his that are encouraging some users to try alternatives?  Or maybe those users are, as Mr Hussain says, just ignorant and lazy for daring to be happy with an OS that “just works”?

Mr Hussain would be welcome to come here and justify himself, but I wont ask if he wants a right of reply, I really don’t believe there is anything that can salvage the rubbish he’s posted. (IMO)  An excellent reason in my opinion why if you are considering upgrading you should at least try Linux first.  It wont cost you anything and it will certainly take you away from a platform that seems to always want to sell you things.

Ive posted on Imran Hussain’s blog, but as is usual in these cases, moderation is in place so the comment doesn’t appear.  What are these posters so worried about?

Goblin –