Too lazy to upgrade to 7?

Are you not upgrading to 7 because you are lazy? Thats one of the idea's Imran Hussain has for users not wanting to upgrade. So your'e not lazy? How about ignorant? thats another explanation Imran Hussain is putting forward. One could be forgiven for thinking he may be trying to promote Linux with posts like that.

I normally resist the urge.  One of my favorite Microsoft faithful posters has, IMO hit upon hard times.  It was well remembered the skill he had in making an incorrect statement in favor of a Microsoft product and then failing to answer any of the challenges that would be forthcoming.  He was a legend.  That was Microsoft Watch though, and since Joe Wilcox has left the site has become stale (IMO)

Nowadays “he who cannot be named” is limited to repeating the news that others have reported and providing tutorials for tasks that even the newest of PC users could manage (IMO).

I would normally not even bother clicking one of his “links” which (if he stands by his implication) somehow proves that Windows and Microsoft are as great as his PR posts of yesteryear claimed.  This time I did, and Im glad.

I’d like you to take a look at this article: its by an author called Imran Hussain, who really knows how to make friends and thinks that one of the reasons that XP users are not upgrading is because they are too lazy.  Is this real?  Please click the above link, I’m not making this up.

So now you have read his “article” lets look closer at some of his claims as to why people dont want to upgrade XP and see if you think any of them relate to you:

“The current OS just works”

Well silly me, how dare a user with a working OS that provides the functionality they require NOT upgrade.  Ive found Linux just works, should I upgrade to 7 too? 😉

“Too lazy”

Im sure XP users are going to love that one.  Too lazy?  Any XP users reading this like to agree that they are too lazy to upgrade?

“Because Microsoft is a monopoly so they wont support it by upgrading. They’ll stick with Windows XP”

Er no Mr Hussain.  Thats a silly reason.  I choose Linux because I believe its the better system.  If I found Microsoft products functional and value for money I would not mind paying, monopoly or not.  In addition Mr Hussain you fail to acknowledge that there are users who dont want to support Microsoft and still want the products.  You can find them downloading pirate versions of Microsoft products on any Bittorrent or P2P tracker. (Thats one for the Microsoft shareholders to note)


Only the ignorant would stay with XP or not upgrade.  There you go, thats Mr Hussains word not mine.

“Don’t know there’s a new version of Windows”

Now heres a reason that Mr Hussain may have correct.  I have spoken to and read many reports about bad feeling with Vista (including my own experience) can you blame users for having no interest in Microsoft future releases if they have had a bad experience with Vista?

“Media. Ridiculous propaganda by ridiculous blogs who like sucking up to Apple and live an anti-Microsoft life”

Whilst I don’t really mention Apple, I do mention Linux.  I hope I fit this category. Ive lived without Microsoft products in the home for a long time now.  I’m very happy.  Anti-Microsoft? I wouldnt think so, yes I challenge silly posts like yours Mr Hussian and yes I am repulsed by the allegations against Microsoft in the press/media/web.  Anti Microsoft?  Sorry no, the day Microsoft releases something of value to me I will quite happily champion it (and when it manages to distance itself from the allegations against it on the net) Mr Hussain, would you like to comment on Comes V Microsoft papers?

Moving onto his “gems” of wisdom in more detail:

“For example, why wouldn’t anyone want to take advantage of the built in codecs available in Windows Media Player 12 in Windows 7? or the new Device Stage? or built in ISO burning?”

Mr Hussain, check a “mainstream” Linux distro.  Brasero? K3b?  I don’t know about Windows users but we have been enjoying those features in Linux for a long while.  You say these are advantages?  Are you sure you are not promoting Linux?

“or the hardware accelerated user interface (AERO) that’s not just eye candy but actually helps in productivity as well, Aero Snap being the prime example.”

Of course Mr Hussain.  I’m sure you know that Linux users have been enjoying Compiz features for a long time, and in my opinion we can achieve more impressive results on lower specs.

“It’s more secure. That’s the number one complaint from people who experience viruses and worms, they want a secure OS. Use Windows 7 with Microsoft Security Essentials, and you’re safe and sound. It also provides built in security enhancements and a refined User Account Control ( UAC). Although, no OS can claim responsibility for lack of common sense on behalf of the user.”

LOL.  Yes we’ve heard this claim before.  Notice the way Mr Hussain tells you how secure the system is and then at the end puts a little disclaimer blaming the user if anything goes wrong?

“no OS can claim responsibility for lack of common sense on behalf of the user.”


“it’s faster. On recent hardware, it outperforms Windows XP. It’s not just a claim, it’s proven.”

Er yes, well that’s obvious isn’t it?  If it wasn’t faster on recent hardware it would be a poor show.  For your information XP on recent hardware is faster than XP on old hardware.  Pretty obvious?  Before you get too excited you may want to check the off the shelf publications who have claimed that in some cases XP is still faster, and in PC PLUS Magazine (I believe) it states the XP is the gamers choice BECAUSE OF ITS SPEED OVER 7.  There’s also issues being reported on Twitter from Windows 7 users Mr Hussain, but I’m sure all those people are just lazy and ignorant.

The SuperbarImproves multitasking in certain scenario”

Wow, improves Multitasking?  I thought we had multitasking from the days of the A500?  Maybe Mr Hussain has never multitask-ed before, and I’d love to hear his evidence of these “certain scenario’s”

“This is for all you gamers out there. With DirectX 11, you’ll not only get prettier graphics, but also improved frame rates.”

I’d urge users to actually check this claim.  Its not what I’ve read by the tests run in the off the shelf publications, who are still saying XP is the gamers choice.  Ive written an article recently showing why I believed that games on the PC are on the decline, and that consoles effectively have sealed the fate of the PC game.  Don’t believe me?  Add into that the loss the industry makes from piracy, and the number of PC titles shops carry compared to console ones.


I think Mr Hussains article says quite alot.  Its another one of those general articles that implies there’s great features of 7 but never goes into any real detail.  Maybe its posts like his that are encouraging some users to try alternatives?  Or maybe those users are, as Mr Hussain says, just ignorant and lazy for daring to be happy with an OS that “just works”?

Mr Hussain would be welcome to come here and justify himself, but I wont ask if he wants a right of reply, I really don’t believe there is anything that can salvage the rubbish he’s posted. (IMO)  An excellent reason in my opinion why if you are considering upgrading you should at least try Linux first.  It wont cost you anything and it will certainly take you away from a platform that seems to always want to sell you things.

Ive posted on Imran Hussain’s blog, but as is usual in these cases, moderation is in place so the comment doesn’t appear.  What are these posters so worried about?

Goblin –


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  1. LOL. It was that obvious who I was refering to?

    and thanks to you, Ive finally been able to show how Mr Dee and Andre Da Costa seem to post exactly the same things… (see next article)

  2. You’ve completely missed the point of my post. Linux isn’t even discussed in it.
    The post was written as an answer to those who ask why they should upgrade to 7 when XP works just fine.
    I have no idea at all how you though that’s related to Linux or even OS X.
    Sorry but what you’ve posted is totally rubbish. I’ve backed up my claims of Windows 7’s performance with benchmarks taken by Zdnet, the improved frame rates has nothing at all to do with consoles.
    You’re just a Linux shill trying to make something out of my post for your own fav. OS. Way to go fanboy!

  3. Compiz isn’t so rocking, I am using Linux now for more than 2 years and I say that Windows Aero really has something different that’s not in Compiz.

    Windows XP is faster but it rots with time and Windows 7 doesn’t. Windows 7 with good hardware runs many features faster than XP, and Windows 7 X64 is faster and more stable than XP. And you know nothing about DirectX 11.
    “The SuperbarImproves multitasking in certain scenario”

    He said “in a certain scenario” and it does. You are just criticizing things with no proper evidence.

    Last words: who has the biggest market share? – Microsoft has! even in pirate community, Microsoft’s OS is used the most.

  4. “Compiz isn’t so rocking, I am using Linux now for more than 2 years and I say that Windows Aero really has something different that’s not in Compiz”

    Wow…What a statement…Its funny how you can always tell a confrontational post because it starts with “I use Linux”….why is that important? This site is about opinion. Personally I think that the sfx are merely that, sfx…they are not important. Certainly there are many Windows users who think they are and maybe thats why Windows is the bloated binary slug it is today?

    ” And you know nothing about DirectX 11.”
    Please read my blog first before making comments since you obviously don’t “know nothing about me” I may be a FOSS user at home but at work I am trapped in the .net. DX11? Maybe you would like to come back so that we can discuss the advantages of DX11 and a few “issues” it has?

    “He said “in a certain scenario” and it does. You are just criticizing things with no proper evidence.”

    LOL. Eh? I am criticizing because he’s given no evidence of anything and now you seek to put that allegation at me? LOL. Please read what I typed. If he can’t provide an example then I can take it that it is either a/ fudge or b/ he doesn’t really understand the concept.

    and now you show your “true colours” Mr Linux user?!?
    Whats market share got to do with how good a product is? There are less Bentleys on the road than there are Skoda’s…Does that make Bentley a poor alternative?

    Thank you though for confirming one of my points, MS products are popular when people can download them for free. Maybe shareholders can consider that point when they examine their portfolio’s.

    “Im a Linux user but…” LOL. These articles always get at least one….

  5. And now Mr Hussain:

    Missed what point? I was pointing out you claim that the reason an XP user wouldnt upgrade COULD be because they are ignorant/lazy. I know you didn’t mention Linux. Its obvious you only use Microsoft products.

    ” have no idea at all how you though that’s related to Linux or even OS X.”

    Good, because its not. The post was aimed at XP users, and the fact you imply a working OS is no reason to stick with XP. Let me remind you what you said:

    “The current OS just works”

    “Sorry but what you’ve posted is totally rubbish. I’ve backed up my claims of Windows 7’s performance with benchmarks taken by Zdnet, the improved frame rates has nothing at all to do with consoles.”

    Whats rubbish? The fact you said one reason to not upgrade was lazyness or ignorance? The fact that I mention a magazines own benchmarks which I put to you hold just as much worth as your claims?

    “You’re just a Linux shill trying to make something out of my post for your own fav. OS. Way to go fanboy!”

    Maybe you would like to give examples of where I’ve quoted you incorrectly. I merely put forward your sillyness. I am not arguing that XP isnt functional nor am I seeking to cheapen it. I was examining your silly reasons that are based (IMO) on nothing but generalizations.

    BTW, What makes me a fanboy? I dont hold any bias towards any particular distro. You on the otherhand seem to mention nothing but 7 (which hasn’t even had Microsoft’s final “fixing”) Whose the fanboy? Me for challenging you or you for encouraging people to upgrade to something that hasn’t even hit the shelves.

    Judging by the emails and hits I’ve received about your article, I already know the answer.

  6. Very true. One would hope that on better specs 7 would be faster, although the point Mr Hussain sought to put was laziness. How silly.

    Why should a user of ANY OS upgrade if they are happy and the OS provides functionality they require?

    How can Mr Hussain champion an OS over an already established mature one (XP) when 7 hasn’t even hit the shelves.

    How can Mr Hussain say people are “stuck in the past” does he not believe in freedom of choice?

    and why (like so many other Microsoft champions) does he feel the need to insult when he is challenged?

    His judge (as always) will be the readers.

  7. and now Mr Hussain has taken to censorship.

    When I challenged his immaturity over his “get lost” comment, he seems to have deleted it.

    Theres free speech for you and theres what happens if you try debating with Mr Hussain and he can’t argue back.

    I think Mr Hussain, I should publish some of the emails by your “readers” you have really excelled yourself with your Windows 7 comments.

  8. You might want to check our your tags:
    “microsoft, rubbish, shill, vista, windows, windows 7” before telling anyone to grow up. Or being mature. Honestly.
    You need to see a doctor.
    And what emails by my readers? You’re making shit up, which isn’t surprising coming from a Linux user.

  9. What by having tags? Didnt you use the word “shill”? Did I not say you are talking rubbish? They are tags, and meant to highlight topics/keywords or anything I see fit. I’ll let the readers decide on the maturity of that compared with your behavior.

    Quote “You’re making shit up”

    LOL. How professional, Im sure people are suitably impressed and will consider your potty mouth when deciding how much worth to put in your comments.

    In respect of the emails, I will be publishing as part of a larger article on your “site” Nothing too exciting however you certainly live up to “I think differently” IMO.

  10. There is one fundamental flaw in your “rebuttal”.

    Imran talks about upgrading FROM Windows XP TO Windows 7 [please read the post title].

    WHY the heck are you bringing Linux or Apple into a fight they don’t deserve to be in?

    You just love to pick fights, don’t ya?

  11. What?

    I challenged his remark of XP – 7. The only mention of Linux was in respect of his implication of “Apple loving” or Anti-microsoft blogs….Have I said Linux is better than XP or 7? All I said was that it was best for me.

    Please stop with the silly distraction that I was somehow challenging Mr Hussain over Linux V Windows. I wasnt I was challenging his “theories” for people not upgrading.

    Pick fights? I thought it was a discussion…hang on though, its Mr Hussain who is swearing and casting insults so maybe he thinks it a fight.

  12. I have used Windows XP, 7, a few different distros, as well as used *gasp* a hackintosh on the same computer. I can tell you that flight simulator x works much better on 7 than xp, and i have seen many features copied from linux, but also many that compiz has recently copied. For me, 7 boots faster than xp, though osx booted faster than both, as did mint. I love the “superbar” as he calls it, though many don’t. I somewhat agree that it is not only the os that contributes to getting viruses, I have never gotten one on 7 or xp, but that may be because i watch what I download. I can’t say that I’ve seen device stage, especially not in linux, but it looks great. Yes, there is plenty of bashing on the internet of each os, and who you listen to could affect your choices.

    I must say, when he mentioned aero, he said not only eye candy, but also productivity. I have only seen compiz used as eyecandy.

    I have already bought home premium, as i think it is worth my $50. I have been testing it since january

  13. Quote ” i have seen many features copied from linux, but also many that compiz has recently copied”

    I’d be very interested to hear what has been copied. Its interesting you mention the Mac, as even Windows supporters have been commenting that 7’s DE has drawn from it. (BTW if you check back on a previous article, I have a windows user who thinks the change is a bad idea for deployment in Enterprise.)

    So Flightsim X is better in 7? Maybe, but then take a look at the mainstream press and you will see plenty of examples where 7 isnt better.

    You are asking for a massive leap of faith for people to follow 7 when it hasnt even hit the shelves, and if you cast your mind back to Vista, there were more than a few issues when that was released.

    I would also like to know how Aero can be used for productivity and why Compiz cant. I have installed Compiz many times although personally I’m a terminal fan.

    Quote “, I have never gotten one on 7 or xp, but that may be because i watch what I download.”

    Explain then how the armed forces managed to become victims of a strange malware/exploit. Maybe they didnt watch what they downloaded. Malware/virus’s can be passed in numerous ways not just dodgy downloads, although Im sure you know that.

    In anycase this article is not about the merits of Linux/Windows. It is about if Mr Hussain is correct in saying that laziness and ignorance are reasons behind no upgrade. It is about the question: Why should a user upgrade if they are happy with XP? (a question I’ve asked many times and for me not received a proper answer, even from Microsoft employees)

    1. Yes, I may be just lucky with viruses, I’m not saying it is completley the users fault, but nor is it entirely the os’s fault.

      I agree that many tests may say so, but this is what I noticed on my lenovo t60, though it may be because FSX is built for dx10.

      Jumplists and Aero Snap are the main ones that I see as increasing productivity- window tiling works, but snap makes it much easier for me.

      I haven’t seen how it copied osx, could you link to a few examples?

      I’m not sure what distro you use, so compiz may not have updated; but I have seen a project for copying aero peek. Personaly, I think that would be great, there’s nothing wrong with copying it.

      Of course, there will always be a leap of faith in going to a new operating system, I’m sure you’ve upgraded your distro to a new version before, there can always be problems there. And if only a few people said 7 was great, then people should not go out and buy it. But I have bought it because I’ve been using it and never had problems. I would recommend people not to buy it yet if you aren’t sure it will work for your hardware, or even software. I was not reading as much as I am now when vista came out, but many of the problems came from hardware manufacturers that had not released drivers, if i recall correctly. nVidia and Ati both have drivers currently available, and the ati ones work correctly for me.

      Again, I am not saying either side is completley correct- I recommend 7, but am not urging people who have not tested it to go and buy it right now

  14. Quote “I haven’t seen how it copied osx, could you link to a few examples?”

    Certainly, from the general appearance and functionality compared to that of XP/MAC then from Vista to 7. As I say, an Enterprise customer has commented here that the new taskbar et al is not what is required by enterprise. I expect Mr Hussain would say thats living in the past, but since Enterprise (IMO) didn’t warm to Vista and are still happy with XP in the main, I’d suggest there is something wrong somewhere.

    In respect on distros, my main rig is Gentoo, I have a rig for distro jumping, one dedicated to Mandriva (for the family) and one AROS dedicated system.

    Quote ” I’m sure you’ve upgraded your distro to a new version before, there can always be problems there”

    But there was need to do so. I wont upgrade for simply upgrade sake. For a long while I had a rig of Heron 8.04 and chose not to take the 8.10 – 9.04 route. Thats because I didn’t consider there were any advantages to ME. Thats why (I believe) XP users are reluctant. Ive asked before and I’ll ask again, what can 7 offer that cannot already be achieved either natively or via third party software in XP?

    Quote ” I was not reading as much as I am now when vista came out, but many of the problems came from hardware manufacturers that had not released drivers,”

    Yes Ive seen the blame being put onto the manufacturers before. If that was the case then the testing of the beta of Vista should have told Microsoft not to release it (IMO) If Microsoft cant be relied upon to be able to judge the hardware market properly on the date of a RTM then I’d suggest that maybe Windows is unsuitable for Enterprise.

    I ask you directly. After the Vista fiasco, what gives you the faith that the current RC will represent whats put on the shelves? And what exactly is benefits of 7? XP Mode? No directX support there and I think you will find a linux/wine build on the latest distro will offer better support for the popular XP platform.

    Like I said before, this article was not aimed at the benefits of Linux V Windows. It was aimed at Mr Hussains theories. I have to say yours are far more reasonable and sensible however at the end of the day you are promoting something that has not even hit the shelves.

    Wheres your opinion on Vista in all this?

    1. Yes, the super bar is a definite, emulation of the osx dock but I thought that you were referring to Device stage, as I was

      XP mode is no excuse to get windows 7. If you have xp and it works, then it is your choice to stay with it or use 7. If you want to upgrade, it is your choice. what Mr. Hussain gave were possible reasons that people may not get 7, and why they should, at least the way I read it. I agree that there may be no reason to upgrade for some people.

      I believe that vista was so behind schedule, and had so many fewer beta testers, that it was rushed, leaving many unseen bugs. 7 has had 2 mill (i think, correct me if im wrong) testers, leaving much more feedback.

      I have faith in the rc because I use it personally on a daily basis, I am in communication with others who also use it, and the only problem I have ever had was with a kodak printer. I reported this to ms and kodak, and it was fixed in 2 months.

      Yes, you are correct that wine may work better, I have not tried to use wine, however, so i cannot say either way. Vista has seen much bad publicity, and Apple has tried everything it has to contribute. I cannot personally say how vista works on my computer, I never bought vista, though I haven’t heard of any problems from others that I know of. It might have been better for microsoft to natively support xp apps, but I’m not sure if its possible. Anyway, XPM is for business, not gaming, so it really shouldn’t need dx

  15. Actually, I find Compiz helpful for productivity. I can use the virtual workspaces to section off various tasks to one virtual window. Graphics editing on one windowspace, document drafting on another, web browsing for information on a third. I can keep my activities on each virtual window focused around a specific type of task, with maybe no more than 3-4 programs on each workspace. Rather than having 12 or more programs cluttering up a single workspace. Of course, this feature preceded Compiz, and I used it then as well. The Expose-like feature is helpful too, when looking for a window or wanting to bring one to the front.

    1. True, I haven’t booted linux in a while (i do a lot of hopping oses) and I am surprised I forgot about that. yes, that is a great feature. the expose like feature is similar to aero peek though, right? You hover over each thumbnail to see the window, or alt- tab through them

  16. Very true Will.

    I would agree with Christo that in respect of Compiz Gears is simply “eye candy” however compiz (for those interested) can be very productive for some. I personally don’t have any love of it, but Compiz has been about for a while, and I think many people see it as reason to come to Linux, not only because they can improve functionality in an environment similar to what they are used to, but Compiz (IMO) looks better, performs faster and requires lower specs than Aero.

  17. No it wasnt. But since you wanted to move the conversation on and upgrading and specs are a part of that discussion, was it not relevant to the debate?

    I believe we were discussing the merits of Aero and that we had moved on from Mr Hussains childishness.

  18. Let’s face it. Microsoft appears incapable of producing compelling products.

    People buy more powerful computers to get a Mac. Apple has done a great job of producing a compelling operating system/computer experience.

    People go to great lengths to install Linux/BSD/Solaris distributions on the computers, because Microsoft products have annoyed them to the point where they swear they’ll never run Microsoft again.

    Microsoft is in deep trouble. With Linux as 10% and OSX at 6%, Microsoft’s operating system share is dropping fast. The lower their operating system share is, the less people buy Office and other Microsoft programs. When Microsoft tries to compete, their profitability is affected, which causes them to resort to layoffs and product shutdowns, and it all goes into a negative feedback loop.

    Microsoft is in deep trouble. Read their last two 10K (annual filings). You can see things are not going well. The next 10K, which should be out by the end of July, will show continued deterioration. I give Microsoft no more than 5 years, before they have to do a General Motors, and apply for bailout funds.

    But will there be any bailout funds available in 5 years?

  19. Hi Wayne!

    I think the figures quoted are up for debate (the MS faithful cant seem to decide). If you purchase a PC with Windows and then install Linux, you are still included in Windows figures…every forum I have been to, every newsgroup and every chat room that discusses Windows/OS’s etc has users championing and expressing their pleasure with Linux. On that basis the 10% mark seems a little unrealistic (but hey, us Linux users judge a product on its merits not its popularity).

    Whatever the actual figure is, it can’t be argued that Linux is being used more than any time in the past. Linux has kept going through the Microsoft golden age to emerge as the product it is today. It won’t go away and IMO as Microsoft is finding out, word of mouth and honest held belief are far more effective marketing tools and maybe why Linux is seeing an increase in use and interest.

    In my opinion Microsoft’s future is in custom software solutions for Enterprise and I believe Vista sped up that transition. The average home user is far more savvy than ever before and I dont believe they buy the idea that PC solutions = Microsoft only.


    1. According to Red Flag Software they owned 30% of the Chinese Market in 2005. And of course there’s the infamous Steve Ballmer chart showing Linux at 10%.

      I believe that 10% is approximately right. It might be a bit higher. It might be a bit lower. But it’s close to that.

      Currently there’s better Linux support for a wide range of devices than there is Mac support, and the only reason that Linux would be so well supported is if there was money in it.

      Look at the game support for Linux. If Linux was at 1% as Net Applications says, there wouldn’t be enough users to make the support worthwhile. Other sites disagree with Net Applications. W3 Schools has Linux above 4%. This site shows Linux use above 6%.

      As to Microsoft’s future, let’s wait and see what their upcoming 10K shows, if it shows what I think it will, you may change your mind.

  20. Hi Wayne,

    You could be right, and to be fair I would take the figures of a poster here over anything that Microsoft says.

    In regards to Microsoft future, true I think there is a varied range of possibilities,

    I think Microsoft will cater for a small targetted Enterprise with custom solutions.

    I think the golden age of Microsoft is over and in 10 years time, Microsoft will be a vastly different company to the one that released XP…

    Time will tell and your final comment has made me curious! Interesting times ahead.

    Great speaking with you, thanks for coming back!


      1. Very interesting reading. Certainly as I say there will be interesting times ahead for IT and Microsoft.

        Make sure you link here when the results are released and you give your views. I’ll put your blog on my links!



  21. I`m building my own gaming pc on a budget of under £400, i think i have the best system for the budget i have, you can follow my progress at the squidoo lens.

    1. I`m building my own gaming pc on a budget of under £400, i think i have the best system for the budget i have, you can follow my progress at the squidoo lens.

      Pardon me, but who cares?

    2. Hi Dave Knowles,


      Either this is an advert or really its posted in the wrong place. I presume you will be using Windows as an OS?

      I will leave your link intact….I will keep an eye on it though, if it starts getting shilly I will change the link to

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