No money in MS Money?

MS Money down the drain?  According to reports Microsoft is dropping it.
MS Money down the drain? According to reports Microsoft is dropping it.

Microsoft have announced that they are to stop selling their finance package Microsoft Money.  Not a product that I’ve had much experience of and maybe that is typical of many users (hence the problem)

Apparently last year MS Money was removed from stores, offered only as an online purchase.  It is alleged Microsoft are in the process of informing customers of the decision (all two of them) * that by the end of June 09 they will no longer be selling the product, support will be available until 2011.

Data to the package from financial services will stop around that time allegedly.

Microsoft are reported to have said

“It’s a mix of what’s going on in the market, what makes sense for long-term for us and a little bit on consumer behavior,”

Although I would like to translate what I think they mean:

“It’s because nobody wants to buy it.  We want to cut as much fat as we can and consumer behavior seems to be migrating to FOSS for many software solutions”

Thats my take on what they were saying.

You can read a very good article on this over at Cnet:

* Said in jest, I’m sure MS Money has a few more than two users.

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  1. With all the projects being dropped by MS, one has to wonder just how bad the next quarter is going to be for this company? Its coming up soon. Consumer spending has not increased in the USA, the lifeblood of MS profits. With ARM netbooks about to make advent soon, to further cut into MS profits. While I would not wish those working at MS to lose their jobs, at the same time, this is looking more and more like more layoffs.

  2. Chips: You are correct. Overspending at a municipal, state and federal departments in the U.S. alone is bleeding the bygone middle-class consumer with extra fees, new taxes. People’s impulse spending has been cut back dramatically, retail sales are at an all time low despite the press spin.

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