Microsoft/SKY? – On demand Xbox TV?

SKY/Microsoft deal?  That seemly cheap 360 will be having another service to help you part with your cash.
SKY/Microsoft deal? That seemly cheap 360 will be having another service to help you part with your cash.

Microsoft are reported to have signed a deal with BSKYB to provide XBox Live customers with SKY television TV channels via their Xbox 360.  With users running Skyplayer it is reported that there will be many packages and on-demand channels to choose from for those wanting to use their Xbox 360 as a home multimedia station.

Sky are reported to have said:

“Now Xbox owners can enjoy a wide range of TV through their console and can pick and choose the packages that are right for them……For Sky, this makes our content even more widely available and opens up a new commercial opportunity”

Maybe its just me thinking this, but with free dish offers and special deals that SKY offer to new customers, is this going to entice any new custom?  Ive seen no mention of any deals, so on top of paying for your Xbox live subscription you are going to be paying again for Sky content.

The reduced price Xbox is now starting to get expensive again is it not?  sure, the TV will be streamed instead of via dish and reportedly users will be able to communicate with each other during shows (innovative feature there?!?!) but what on earth is the point in turning your console into something which can already be achieved via other established means? – Maybe someone will enlighten me.

Is this hoped by Microsoft to be another cashcow?  Since WII has (IMO) destroyed Xbox in terms of sales and PS3 with its BluRay being seen (IMO) as being future proofed, why does Sky want to go in with Xbox?  I find it hard to believe that there are Xbox owners wanting SKY packages that havent already taken up one of the offers on a dish and subscription system already available.

The Xbox 360 IMO is becoming dated.  With WII being the popular choice for it original gameplay what on earth does Sky see as the future of Redmonds console?

Lets not forget the last time Microsoft made decisions on the future of the console (in respect of HDVD), they lost out to Sony and its BlueRay.

The story was reported here.

David Eales (a reader of the Sky site) made a good point by asking what the ISP’s would think of this since Iplayer is reportedly unpopular since it uses so much bandwidth.  Just imagine if your ISP starts to cap your bandwidth or charges you for exceeding a download limit, then the idea of SKY TV via Xbox (IMO) has even less appeal.

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