S&M? Or SM2? + A short update

Someone brand/company is being tracked on Openbytes. I wonder who?
Someone brand/company is being tracked on Openbytes. I wonder who?

As I said yesterday this week is a busy one for me.  Much to do.

A small piece for anyone interested, I noticed on my blog a hit coming in from: sm2.techrigy.com/microsoft/scan_resul…

So I decided to have a little look and see what this SM2 was.

Quoting from the SM2 site, which is found at: http://www.techrigy.com/what_is_sm2.php

The site says (quote) :

“SM2 is a social media monitoring and analysis solution designed for PR and marketing professionals. With SM2 you can track conversations, reviews and positive/negative sentiment for your brands, clients, competitors and partners across the eco-system called social media: blogs, wikis, microblogs like Twitter, social networks, embedded video and more – in real time.”

Real time eh? Who is watching Openbytes?  For what purpose? – Who cares!

To those people monitoring their “brand” (whatever it is) how about making a comment here?  I’m sure my readers would love to know which company and product is using this service to track blogs (or mine anyway).   I’ll give a little advice to those people aswell. FYI WordPress does log redirects so it is obvious where you are coming from.  I would suggest if you dont want people to know what you are interested in, you should “copy link location” from your results page and paste it into your browser.

For everyone else, here is the post of mine which recieved the hit: https://openbytes.wordpress.com/2009/05/26/a-few-links-points-of-interest/

I wonder who/what they were interested in? Maybe the answer is in that article?  I really hope it wasn’t Microsoft though since I wrote a far better article on them here: https://openbytes.wordpress.com/2009/05/24/microsoft-to-boldly-blow/

Does anyone think this is a little wrong?  The internet should be a tool that everyone can enjoy and not the domain of companies who see is as a way to monitor and/or pimp products at you (I’ll be doing an article on Phorm shortly)  Suffice to say, I am intrigued that someone is concerned/interested in what I’m saying about their brand.    I’ll certainly have a lot more to say if I find out which one.

Zenwalk 6 – Due for the OpenBytes Treatment – I am current running this distro through its paces for an article here.  Expect something soon.

Best UK Broadband Providers – It appears (from reports on the net) that O2 is the winner with customers in the UK.

“To Boldly blow” article – Got “Dugg” a few times.  Thanks to the user who did that.

Thats it for the moment.  Another COLA shill will be getting the mention here very shortly, this one is far more vulgar than Hadron so it will be worth swinging by the NG to point and laugh.

Goblin – bytes4free@googlemail.com


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