A few links & points of interest.

I often wonder about the alleged figures for Linux penetration.  Depending on who you talk to (and who they work for) you can get any figure from 0.8 to about 12% (as I saw recently)

I dont wish to say my opinion on the actual figure because I simply don’t know, however what I will say is this:

The MS faithful like to remind Linux users that Windows dominates the PC, whilst I will not argue that Windows has far more users than Linux that in itself should mean that the alternative view to Microsoft products would never get heard?  If Linux has so few users, our posts should be getting lost in a plethora of comments from Windows ones.

That IMO is not the case, in the majority of IT forums I visit, recomendations and discussions about products other than Microsoft ones are easy to see.  Take Microsoft Watch for example, at one point the only people contributing to the forum of Joe Wilcox seemed to be Linux.users and I think that even Joe would agree that the Linux users kept up interest in the site and created some lively discussion.

Have a look yourself next time you are on a forum and ask yourself: If Linux has such a small userbase, why can I see so many Linux posts?

Moving on I’d like to share with you a link that was kindly given to me by ml2mst I urge you to visit his site, he’s up to some interesting things over there! http://ml2mst.googlepages.com/home

So here is his link, its a list of COLA trolls and worth keeping in mind if you are paying a visit to comp.os.linux.advocacy


As always I thank everyone who emails links to dubious posters who may need looking at.  I am really sorry that I cannot reply back to everyone, but I do intend to release the “Shill 100” with the shills who haven’t quite made it onto this site.

Finally, I apologize for such a short post today.  Being the first day back at work after the bank holiday weekend, Ive had very little time.

Goblin – bytes4free@googlemail.com


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