Attacking Linux Hadron style!

Meet the user "Hadron" name sake.  I believe he is on the NG simply to distort and fudge.  Unfortunately Hadron (just like the LHC) doesn't quite do the job properly.
Meet the user "Hadron" name sake. I believe he is on the NG simply to distort and fudge. Unfortunately Hadron (just like the LHC) doesn't quite do the job properly.

Or: The desperation of the proprietary shill

There has been many comments recently in regards to the increase in anti-linux FUD and shill posting. We’ve seen this take so many different forms, ignoring the challenge, saying downright lies or simply being vulgar to the point of ridiculous.

Twitter is a common (and in my opinion) important place to present this type of tactic since there is a majority of “average” users who may buy into it.   Forums, as the average proprietary shiller has found out, there are now more Microsoft alternative users on them to stand up to the rubbish posted by a member of the Microsoft faithful.

Let me present one from a place some of my readers may never have visited: comp.os.linux.advocacy

Meet Hadron and just like his namesake he doesn’t seem to do his job very well. Now keep in mind he is not a Linux user (or maybe he is and his purpose is to prove how weak the counter argument is?) I believe though that Hadron is on the NG (probably in many guises) to fudge and distort the message of Linux and/or alternatives to Microsoft products. If you look at the COLA stats it shows Roy (from BN) as having the most posts (which is to be expected since he certainly does have a knowledge to contribute) and then you have Hadron. 500+ posts? And what points has he made against Linux or alternatives? It seems he spends most of his time fudging out the message of others with the comments like we will read shortly.

So without further ado, please enjoy some of Hadron’s classics, but please don’t laugh. He has a job to save, but just like his namesake the LHC he doesn’t quite get the result sought. At least his posts are cleaner than the usual MS faithful comment we get, but take note of the tone. Hadron is desperate to defend something and since he can’t do it with reasoned counter, he’s happy to do it with aggression.

I am astonished and begin to wonder if you’d sell your own children into slavery to suck up to a clueless arse…..”

you ARE a sycophantic little suck up”

You don’t think anyone really pays even the tiniest bit of attention to you loonies do you?!?!?!?!?”

No you clueless moron”

Christ – you’re starting to suck up more than Liarmutt.”

We will end on:

You COLA freetards crack me up.”

P**ng in the COLA hen house seems to be one of the few supporters of Hadron?!?! According to "p***ng" though his name is "Hardon" or is that a freudian slip?
P**ng in the COLA hen house seems to be one of the few supporters of Hadron?!?! According to "p***ng" though his name is "Hardon" or is that a freudian slip?

So there’s Hadron and his numerous Linux counters!?!?.  Please keep in mind that all we are discussing is IT.  Why do these people get so rude and angry?  These people are supposed to be adults (but in the case of the next user, they may have other things, non IT related on their mind)

As you can see you are dealing with a poster of awesome intelligence and as always I encourage users to visit the newsgroup and see for yourselves in context. Maybe you can have your own Hadron experience? Like the other Microsoft Faithful we show here, vulgarity or rudeness is always the first port of call for a pro MS argument.

Before we finish, I’d briefly like to mention the poster “Pi**ing in the COLA Hen House” (handle censored for decency purposes) this poster is the double act for Hadron, although he seems a little disturbed with this posted on his message “it’s just your worthless ‘wet dream’ if you can still have one Which is quite frightening when a typo (or maybe freudian slip) had him call his friend Hadron, “Hardon” 🙂  Here’s “P***ng in A COLA Hen House” in action:

“What does Hardon have to do with this?”

“it’s just your worthless ‘wet dream’ if you can still have one”

Desperation by the MS faithful? I think so, I’d love to hear your opinions.

I urge anyone who reads this and has not tried an alternative to Microsoft products, to give it a go.  Does Hadron sound like someone who has a quality counter to an alternative to Microsoft?

The beauty of this is, if you find a FOSS alternative is not suited to you then theres no harm done, it hasn’t cost you anything.  Consider the alternatives to Microsoft you may already be enjoying:  Firefox?  OpenOffice? these are just a few of the packages you will find on your FOSS travels and whats better, no registration , no cost!

Goblin –


9 thoughts on “Attacking Linux Hadron style!

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  1. “Goblin”, you think we don’t know who you are?
    Your comment on Schestowitz’s chat channel about making the top 20 in COLA stats was the giveaway.
    “Goblin” is not listed.
    But one of your other nyms is.

    I’ll leave it to others to expose who you really are but you should be more careful in the future.

  2. Sorry for the late replies, first day back at work after bank holiday.

    First @ml2mst thanks for the welcome! Thanks for the list and I think it will make a great little article…

    Now onto IZBOD,

    What on earth are you talking about? I think me having my Twitter and blog addresses at the bottom of the NG posts, coupled with the fact that I not only comment on Roy’s site with the Goblin handle and a link to this site, makes it pretty obvious that its the same person.

    And I am, let me quote it…. (I did make a mistake though, its not the top 20….

    Toplist of original content per message (of people who have written at least three messages)

    Place Name Orig. / Msgs = PrMsg Quoted
    2137 / 3 = 712 64.1%
    37. Goblin 6391 / 9 = 710 37.3%

    LOL. I take it you haven’t checked out the Paul Mcdermott article here? otherwise you would be well aware I wouldn’t be that silly.

    I remember fondly when someone thought my name was Mr Niblick….

    Please, expose away. I only use one posting ID however I have left many false indentities for people to discover….Whilst you were blissfully celebrating, you obviously haven’t read my site. False ID is one of the ways I bait a troll.

    But by all means, expose away. Id love to see what you come up with next.

  3. Adding to this though, it does beg the question, what are the motives of someone reading Roy’s IRC logs if the message people are putting out is of no importance?

    I’ll let my readers decide whilst I bring this into a new article.

    1. IMHO the reason that the trolls read Roy’s IRC log, is that they hope to find “delicate information” to discredit Roy, which they have done for years already.

  4. Goblin,

    I feel I owe you an apology. I just read your comments on Microsoft watch and became aware of the fact that you have seen far more than “the tip of the iceberg”.

    The vulgarity of the Shills is obviously not new to you.

    Thank you for starting this site.

    With kind regards,

    Marti van Lin

  5. No offense taken…no apology needed!

    I suppose the idea that someone would want to engage the shill/troll seems a little daft and a waste of time, however the few readers I get seem to love the exposure of a shill (and who wouldn’t?), those articles are by far the most popular here.

    Since there are many sites reporting the latest news far better & quicker than myself, I decided to take this blog in a slightly different direction and whilst I do report a little news, its the lighthearted approach to highlighting the odious individuals that takes priority.

    The message I’m trying to put out is one of freedom of choice and one of challenging any opinion on the net (including mine)

    Thanks very much for visiting! I will be linking your site in my sidebar shortly!


  6. Great article, I love it!

    Puts Hadron and P**ng in the COLA Hen House where they belong, in the lowest dregs of luserdom.

    Keep up the good work, and if you ride motorcycles, keep the rubber side down!


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