Microsot lost its bottle? with “soft” being the operative word?

Vista may have been a turkey (IMO).  But is Microsoft the chicken?

Vista may have been a turkey (IMO). Is Microsoft the chicken?

After yesterdays rumors about Microsoft ditching its 3 app hobbled Vista 7, it seems there are more allegations about “Microsoft bottling it” this time it comes in relation to the planned EU anti-trust meeting.

The whole affair which started after the manufacturers of Opera filed a complaint with the European Commission will now have to make a ruling based on written statements from Microsoft.

We’ve seen before quotes about Microsoft hampering innovation with their agressive marketing and IMO many people realized how harmful this was when they tried Firefox (or other alternative) and found it a better experience than the bundled IE.  The browser issue has not been something Linux users have had to concern themselves about since theres not a Linux distro to my knowledge that comes bundled with Wine/IE!! But for Windows users in my experience, the discovery of an alternative to IE was something of a welcome revelation.

Microsoft have previously been fined $1 billion after it was alleged to use Windows to push Media player and other software unfairly.

Its been alleged by Opera that Microsoft is attempting to use delaying tactics.

It is hoped that the EU will be giving its ruling before the end of this year.

So what does this mean for Microsoft?  Well under normal circumstances (ie not a recession) I would say a fine could be easily swallowed by Microsoft.  But today?  Weve seen the Microsoft layoff reports, the cancelling of a bar at Redmond and shock of shocks, the Microsoft summer picnic has had a BSOD aswel. Poor old Microsoft.  Maybe they should have “played nicely” with others from the start?  It appears to me that just as MS will attempt to suck what it can from anyone frightened of its patent portfolio (IMO) there are many companies lining up to take a shot at the Redmond firm.  Outside of Redmond and those reliant on it for a living, I dont think there are many tears shed for the woes of Microsoft.

I wonder where this will leave the alleged “gifted” bloggers? I wonder if they will still shower the praise when the genie refuses to grant wishes no matter how many times they rub the lamp?

Goblin – bytes4free@googlemail.com


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