Ubuntu One – A new service from Canonical.

A short snippet of news for Ubuntu users that are running 9.04.  Canonical is currently working on providing online filespace which with the appropriate software fits seamlessly into your Ubuntu distro.

Currently the service is invite only with 2gb of storage space offered for free with an upgrade to 10gig for $10.  I hope users get themselves over to this service and also support it.  IMO Canonical has placed much effort into getting Linux (and in particular Ubuntu) seen as a viable alternative to Windows, if this is one of the ways Canonical can make a return out of such effort then its something which the Ubuntu community should embrace.  Visit Ubuntu One here.

I need to thank Twitter user @slasherfun for the post that led me to the site.


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  1. Interesting. So I wonder what the uses for this would be? Sharing files and/or Backup? Sharing Files would be sort of like Filefront for a hard to find deb, maybe.

    Another use I could see, is to back up an entire linux installation, and restore. Wonder if Keep would work with this. Now if Ubuntu could also provide the backup restore software and the how to on the same page, they might make some money on this, if one could backup and clone to a new drive/computer. Cannoncal is correct in trying to sell a service, that is the model to aim at.

    Or maybe its the first attempt to do sometimes in the cloud, with later a way to share doc’s etc.

    USB drives and flash drives are cheap these days, so its usefulness is restricted to some type of share/backup/cloud that I can see.

  2. Good points.

    Ive certainly a use for this. I wanted to do a clean install of ubuntu 9.04 on one of my machines but was not in the position to backup my files first. In the end I installed a 9.04 upgrade, but when 9.10 comes around this will no longer be a problem.

    Chips, Ive discovered a more vulgar version of Andre on:

    I dont think its Andre, but I do believe it to be “flatfish” a name Ive heard before.

    The user is called Frank and he’s great fun to mess around with, simply because he doesnt yet realize he is entertaining everyone else.

    There will be an article soon, however a request on the NG for more info on him even had Windows users emailing me info, so Ive a lot to sift though.


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