Another Pro Microsoft user or an online comedian? – You decide.

Maybe its a joke only Windows users will get, but yet again Openbytes finds another Microsoft supporter whose "unique" sense of humor is lost on me.
Maybe its a joke only Windows users will get, but yet again Openbytes finds another Microsoft supporter whose "unique" sense of humor is lost on me.

I thought Id give this particular user a few days to respond and since he hasnt Ive decided to go with this article.

Ladies and gentlemen meet jschuchart

The latest Microsoft supporter on Twitter to come to my notice and “shock of shocks” appears to have a connection or shall we say professional interest in, Microsoft products.

Normally this would not be article worthy, most of the pro-MS comments on Twitter I read seem to come from either employees of or people who make money from Microsoft products.   Jschuchart is a little different though.  He’s another one who I believe thinks they are a bit of a joker.  As we have seen countless times before when one challenges a Microsoft viewpoint which cannot be answered, one is usually met with either abuse, refusal to answer or a joke of some description.  Jschuchart has IMO comited two of these (a refusal to answer and a joke) but he goes one step further.

He came to my attention, as a result of looking at the profile of a pro-MS comment.  It transpires that this user is a project manager and he either works for (or owns) a company called Invision Training and Consulting that offers advice on guess what?  Yep Microsoft products.

Still nothing strange there, you can see the logic in him promoting the use of Microsoft products since he makes a living (in his words) “providing solutions for the Microsoft family of products”

So here was his first comment that made me interested in him:

“RT @TjeerdVeninga: #Windows 7 RC FREE for a YEAR baby! Do something cool for your PC today, get it at today!”

So I responded back to his RT with:

“or If free is so important to you try Linux, its free for ever. How about mentioning what happens in 1 year”

and next is where it starts (as usuall) to get silly when trying to engage some Microsoft users in debate about what exactly it is that the OS they appear to promote does better than anything else.

“@_Goblin Nice. I am kind of known in my group as the Microsoft fan boy. And that was a retweet from an MS exec.”

So you are a self confessed fanboy (or is that simply what others call you?)  who according to his profile is “Experienced project manager and technology profession.”?  Im sure that will fill your customers full of confidence.  Talking about the firm I work for, we wouldnt want a fanboy offering us their services.

I wish I could say that it ended there (and you know something silly is coming…) and he didnt disapoint.  However this little cracker even surprised me:

“Well, and another reason is cause I don;t like Linux. Or Unix. Or Apple. Now changing Twitter name to @MicrosoftFanBoy”

So this “Experienced project manager and technology profession” (and I think he means professional not profession)  simply doesnt like Linux, Unix or Apple.

Although I was blown away by that comprehensive reply!?!?, I thought it a little silly that he would joke about creating a new Twitter account, since he appears to want people to take him seriously.

Apparently he wasnt joking and has infact created another twitter account with the name Microsoftfanboy. Oh dear.

You can see that account here:

Still I did try to get him to explain his “cause I dont like linux” remark, and as you’d expect Ive been ignored.

So please get yourself over to Jesse Schuchart’s Twitter and see for yourself this true professional who when he wants to debate the pro’s of his OS of choice, appears to simply create a new Twitter account declaring fanboyism.  What is it with Microsoft users making jokes?  We’ve seen plenty of these of the last few weeks.  Maybe I am slow, but I just cant see the joke in this one.  Maybe Invision customers will?

And incase youre interested here is the company jschuchart is associated with:

Of course I will inform our new online comedian about this article and give him the right of reply.


7 thoughts on “Another Pro Microsoft user or an online comedian? – You decide.

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  1. It seems like our “joker” doesnt want to respond here.

    Thats fine. He’s finally decided to stop ignoring me and responded on Twitter.

    His response is:

    “Loving the attention I am getting lately via Twitter. Good to know that some of my readers appreciate my #Microsoft posts. Thanks”

    I dont think I need to say anymore. That to me says it all.

  2. Our online joker continues. After responding to his reply with:

    “No problem. Glad I can help. Maybe you should create another new twitter account “openbytesfanboy”? #microsoft”

    The only thing he seems to be able to come back with is a RT of that message. Of course he missed the bit off about creating a new twitter account, I suspect he wants to distance himself from his own silly actions.

    Certainly one to keep an eye on.
    If ever you need to prove the weakness of a MS faithful argument, his responses will help you do it.

    Thankyou Jesse Schuchart. Im sure Ill be highlighting your silly behavior again.


  3. I was going to stay out of this until the right of reply was either exercised or waived, but since it doesn’t look like it’s going to happen here, I’ll post this:

    While it may not be directly connected with jschuchart or any other self-styled Microsoft fanboys that act independently, Roy has another post about the interest Microsoft appears to be taking in Twitter:

  4. Thanks Will!

    Yep I responded to Roy on that. Its interesting because whilst some dismiss Roy’s work, I find it a solid and very perceptive site.

    I think the #Microsoft tag could become the new Microsoft Watch for users of alternatives who want to ensure other users have possession of all facts before choosing software.

    I certainly keep an eye out on #Microsoft in realtime, and any pro-MS comment is always looked at for signs of “other motives”


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