Meet the Twitter account of @flanakin or Flanakin Microwalker - hes a senior development consultant for Microsoft you know.
Meet the Twitter account of @flanakin (Michael Flanakin) or Flanakin Microwalker - hes a senior development consultant for Microsoft you know.

*Disclaimer* Whilst some of our Microsoft faithful claim Im a hater and baiter, I would like to stress that this article is presented in a light hearted, tongue in cheek way with a serious question.  Why cant IT be fun every so often?

As Ive said before people who post opinion and have a net presence, should be accountable and able to justify their printed word.  Before I get onto the topic of my next challenge, please see the end of this post for a list.  Its an very incomplete list of apparently official Microsoft Twitter accounts.  If you have any corrections or additions please feel free to either post them here or send me an email:


As regulars here are aware, in between commenting on tech issues, I do like to challenge comments which I think need clarity at the very least.  Heres Flanakin hes a senior development consultant for Microsoft and would like to tell you a few things about Windows 7:

“wow… the polish on Win7 RC is absolutely beautiful… some small things are astoundingly better than the beta”

“repaving my oldest machine with Win7 RC”

and whats the spec of this old PC? Two months old is it?

I put the following to Flanakin (in relation to the “absolutely beautiful” comment , obviously without response at time of writing:

“and some not so? Looking forward to “XP Mode”? Is it right that theres no DirectX support? Thats value! #microsoft”

Of course theres been no response to me.  Another user has asked a similar question:

“l:ike what? I’m still waiting till it goes RTM”

To which our obviously impartial Microsoft employee has stated:

“there are just some small visual things… nothing extravagant… I’ll be switching all of my computers”

Thats not how it sounded when he was talking about his “absolutely beautiful” Windows 7 was it?  IMO he was almost reaching a state of euphoria on how great Windows 7 was, only after being asked we realize its in his words “nothing extravagant”.

So I decided to give Flanakin Microwalker’s site a visit. heres a snippet of what he has to say there:

“I’m an open source advocate, when it makes sense, and have a strong software engineering and architecture background.”

So your an open source advocate?  I dont know about anyone else, but im convinced. 😉

So I decided to send another challenge which surprisingly has not, at time of writing been answered either:

“I read your profile. Could you tell us “when it makes sense” (as per your site) to use open source? and what FOSS packages would you recommend for those tasks?”

Lets see if Flanakin answers.


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