This is one of the posts Ive written on OpenBytes where Im genuinely saddened.  Today (highlighted by Roy from Boycott Novell) marked the end of Joe Wilcox on Eweek.  Please see the article here:

“Ive been reporting about Microsoft since 1997 and specifically blogging about the company since May 2003. I took over Microsoft Watch in November 2006. It has been a joy to write this blog, and I want to thank regular readers for their commitment. But my warmest regards go to the blog’s regular commenters, who have extended the discussion (OK, fierce arguing) beyond the posts. Thank you isn’t enough.”

Ive always held Mr Wilcox’s comments and opinions in high regard.  Speaking as a Linux user and supporter I can say that I found Joe’s Microsoft views balanced and fair.  The shame is (certainly for the MS Faithful) that when Joe said something favorable about Microsoft I took it as honest held belief, unlike many of the MS opinions on the net.  Mr Wilcox has a posting integrity IMO rarely seen on the net.

I wish him all the best in the future although Im sure he will be around on a different mainstream site for many years to come.

I honestly believe Eweek will suffer in popularity because of his departure.  How many reporters who comment on Microsoft news can hold the interest of Linux users?  Not many Id guess.

I  would hope all the “crew” from MS Watches comments section will keep in touch.  Ive made many friends and contacts there.

As expected we have the odious MS faithful taking delight in Joes departure, with a post allegedly by Andre Da Costa which IMO takes a disgustingly sarcastic tone when talking about Joe leaving.  Mr Da Costa a message to you: Your shameless (IMO) Microsoft promotion and series of posts have all been documented.  I will ensure that any readers you may get will be aware of your history.

Mr Da Costa, I believe your previous behavior will come back to haunt you and I think they will prevent you from ever reaching the level that Joe Wilcox has/is.

Now back to Joe, take care, stay in touch and Ill ensure whatever site (including your blog) you post on is mentioned and kept in the fore.

You can visit Joes blog on: