I thought id seen just about every silly challenge that could be made.  That was until this lot turned up on my blog.  Long live the entertainment!
I thought id seen just about every silly challenge that could be made. That was until this lot turned up on my blog. Long live the entertainment!

So here we go again.

Another “challenger” who wants to create points which I never made.  I think its possible that I may have fallen through a rip in the fabric of space, as it appears recently Ive had people claiming Ive said things when definately in the universe I came from I did not.

Perhaps Microsoft has developed an addon (for Windows 7 or Vista of course) that allows the net to break down the walls of reality and allow net users to slide between an infinite number of parallel uiniverses.  Has Goblin finally flipped?  Quite possibly since I again find myself defending against thing I DIDNT say.

So here, without further ado is the latest one.  Readers, Romans and Countrymen meet Simon360.  Firstly a few questions need to be asked:

1. Does Simon report for Neowin?

2. Does Simon speak for Neowin?

By the tone of his post he seems to imply it, and certainly his choice of words when expressing himself make him very similar to Neowin reporters weve seen in the past, but is he talking about Neowin?  I dont have a clue and really Im not bothered.

So here is his first post to me (while I was afk)

“can you make fun of me, too? Since we’re all such huge MS fanboys. I’m sure you can find the evidence for me.”

So whats wrong with a fanboy?  I challenge either inappriopriate remarks or remarks which mislead people (IMO). Good examples are found on this site numerous times, and Im put in mind of the classic comment of year which was made by a poster on Microsoft Watch: “You need a compiler to play a DVD in Linux” – that will probably be my all time favorite.

Disgruntled (IMO) that he didnt receive a rise out of me (to be honest I thought he was a gamer) I then get this post:

“I just want you to shut up. You’ve gathered far more attention than you’re worth. I don’t give a shit, but my colleagues do.”

Im sure you do, but if you think about it, striking up a conversation by trying to provoke me with “can you make fun of me too?” is probably not the best way to shut me up, or have I dropped through another one of those spacial anomalies again?  Who do you mean by colleagues?  Since the posts where I challenge sillyness like yours seem to be the most popular, and I never considered this a popularity contest anyway, I wont dignify your “attention” remark any further.

we deal with enough people like you on a daily basis. We’re a reasonably large news site. People always pick on the big guys.”

Who is “we”?  I dont challenge Microsoft Watch (and if I did it would be IMO professional enough not to act in the way certain people have) I dont pick on the “big guys” or anyone.  Why can I have decent conversations with many pro-Microsoft sites and reporters without sillyness like we’ve seen in the last few days?  Id love to know the site you represent since I doubt you would be classed as big compared to some of the sites I post on (without may I add, tirades and behaviour which are not out of place in a schoolyard)

You deal with enough people like me on a daily basis?  As I said to the other IMO attempted threat, Im frightened.  Really I am. 🙂

“one more thing: Sam is the least “FUD” spreading news guy we have. He writes most of our apple news. The fact that he’s aMS student partner has nothing to do with anything, it’s just good for him. News sites have to get sources from relevant companies.”

Thats very nice for him.  I never said otherwise.  All I claimed that Sam did was make a sarcastic remark.  Whats that got to do with FUD?  As far as Im aware he hasnt made any incorrect IT statements like Chakaradeep, nor has he sought to insult with “tin hat” comments like Marshalus.

The point Simon360, which you seem blissfully unaware of, is this.  How can a reporter be truly impartial or experienced in IT when their main experience comes from a background of one companies packages?  I am not saying anyone is being paid by Microsoft to post their articles, but as we saw in the case of Chakaradeep, having knowledge in one companies products can often lead to you posting incorrect facts about anothers (either intentionally or not) IMO.  That is the point.  Ive seen the Neowin Linux area, and whilst Ill refrain from making a comment (lest I get more childish tirades on my blog) what I will say is that it is of no consequence to me what Neowins intentions are.  This began with the challenge of a Neowin reporter posting an incorrect (IMO) implication on a Linux distro.  When challenged he tried to fudge an answer, and when challenged again simply ignored.

Neowin, its reporters and its users can play with Windows all day I really dont mind.  What I mind is when something is posted that (IMO) is likely to mislead someone into an incorect assumption about an alternative to Microsoft products.

I wont draw inference from Simon360s posts (which are quite typical from reporters from the Neowin site who quite happily swear, insult and in one case have a girlfriend pop up in defense.)  What sort of outfit is being run here? I dont see Joe Willcox, Mary Jo Foley or any of the Microsoft employees Ive had the pleasure of debating with acting like this.

So heres Simon360s final post, maybe he wouldnt mind telling us which site he and his collegues are from?  It makes you wonder since he’s now formed a conversation with our potty mouth Stacey.

“hope you can get it up tonight. My attention span isn’t that long. Good luck!”

and lets also include one of our  Stacey classic, who by the way got a little confused when I censored out her potty mouth with # as I refused to re-quote her foul language:

“#### you. Learn to spell my name.”

I think we can have a separate page for these people now, whilst they offer great entertainment, I dont want it distracting people from the real news.