Is Sam SLYMons trying to crack a joke, or is he simply slow?  Could it even be he's a fan of Openbytes?   He's a sharepoint student you know, although in terms of comedic value, he's somewhat lacking.  Welcome Sam, Neowins latest.
Is Sam SLYMons trying to crack a joke, or is he simply slow? Could it even be he's a fan of Openbytes? He's a sharepoint student you know, although in terms of comedic value, he's somewhat lacking. Welcome Sam, Neowins latest.

Or/ Theres no “W” in Neowin!

I think many will remember the “debate” that I got into with challenges of Neowin staff.  No, I never got an appology nor did Chakaradeep ever justify his silly (IMO) baseless remark open OpenSUSE.  However Id moved on. When I challenged the maturity of Marshalus and his comments I had no proper response (IMO) and to be honest became a little tired of the whole one sided discussion while I attempted to get an official word and clarification from certain Neowin staff.

I did keep an eye on the Neowin site to see evidence of the Linux/Mac coverage the site has and whilst there are a few mentions (the dedicated Linux section which was touted by an alleged unconnected poster, is simply a forum and certainly not one (IMO) that offers any particular direction in educating people who are NEW to Linux or the possibility of Microsoft alternatives, which is one of the things I would like to see more large sites that claim impartiality do.  (Neowin is one that IMO requires it, there are others)

Maybe Sam Symons is new to the Net.  But it seems that another Microsoft products user has recieved a “job” at NeoWin Neowin, again adding to the portfolio (IMO) of Microsoft using reporters that claim impartiality on the NeoWin Neowin site.  Now before anyone goes down the line of imagining up allegations that I am accusing Neowin of being Microsoft biased, let me stress I am not.  I put it to the site that the posting worth/integrity is far better placed in a reporter that is experienced in a diverse range of products not simply one company.  Thats not leveled at Neowin, thats aimed at the reporters with little or no experience of anything other than Microsoft products.

Sam Symons agrees (or maybe he doesnt) in his latest comment on his Twitter it seems that the allegation levelled at me, is actually more relevant to him (that being I attack anyone with a alternate background)  The comment below was replied to Marshalus (editor of Neowin) in a comment he had made stating that they were recruiting new reporters:

Sam_Symons@Marshalus Next up: @_Goblin

This comment was made without any contact by me and I only noticed it because I was waiting for a reply from someone else.

So the newest Neowin reporter is a bit of a joker?  A bit of a comedian?  Im not sure, but surprise, surprise, what he is (and this is quoted from his profile)

… as a Microsoft Student Partner in his spare time.”


Now to continue this on (and I wasnt going to mention this at the time because it wasnt blogworthy for an article in its own right)

If you remember my previous critisisms about some NeoWin reporters (that being immaturity and unwilling to justify actions) heres a quote from a disgruntled (IMO) Twitter user who has also had a problem with certain Neowin staff:

There we go, warned on Neowin for ranting in a Liberal tone again. I guess I shouldn’t bother with that pathetically biased website.”

Thats from the account of

Buts thats not the only one!  Even the legendary Andre Da Costa has had a few things to say in regards to certain Neowin:

My case was deleted by a Moderator, I have moved on anyway, its in the past. But NeoWin needs to be open to criticism.”

I wont even bother asking for Neowin staff to respond properly or in an adult fashion, as they didnt before and it simply wasted my typing time.  Ill let readers here (some of whom are Neowin readers who kindly emailed me) and ask you to simply consider the quotes and follow the links deciding for yourself.   As I said before to the editor directly, I wont bother challenging Neowin staff on Twitter simply because it is a waste of my time.

In the meantime, Sam Symons can be quite proud, proud that no sooner had he been offered a job with Neowin, hes already put his foot in it by, IMO acting in such a childish way.

Sam, a little message for you.  Have a look over at the discussion I had with a Microsoft employee on this very site, you may get some tips on acting like an adult.  Something which I think you should consider if you want to be taken seriously as a reporter on Neowin.

Sam, if you want to engage me properly, keep the subject on IT not (IMO) some silly little joke you may or may not want to crack.

and just to clarify I would not be interested in writing for Neowin, ever.   If Neowin would like me to justify why, please just ask.  I will happily create an article just for that.  (by the way this is the part where you can say you would never want me anyway.  Please use the comments section below for that!)

Cheers all.

Goblin –