Microsoft net profits down 32%

Oh dear. Just a short post for today since I am working on other articles.

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Lets see what sort of spin can be put on the news that its reported Microsofts net profits are down 32%.

My opinions on this will be coming in the next few days along with why I think the MS faithful have resorted to more desperate tactics of late.  You can read more about Microsofts results on Boycott Novell which I thoroughly recommend you do.

On the same day of rotten news (IMO) for Microsoft, we have the good news of Ubuntu 9.04 being released.  Visit the site: I will be covering my experiences of this in the next few days.

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  1. Like we’ve talked about previously, I’ll probably wait a bit to upgrade, but I’m curious about how smoothly some of the new things in 9.04, like the new Ubuntu-specific notifications, work out. Do you happen to use a multiple-monitor setup? I’d heard rumblings about the notifications popping up in strange and unconfigurable screen locations on such setups (like the upper right corner of the secondary screen, assuming that the primary screen is to the left of the secondary one.) I’ll probably test this myself if I can get it to work on a persistent USB drive, but if you happen to use such a setup, that might be one thing to watch for.

    Even though each new Ubuntu version tends to be better than the last, I often get stuck in my own “won’t leave XP” syndrome even in Linuxland, where I get one release set up nicely and then skip the next upgrade cycle or two just to save time from setting up the new version (and sometimes to let any bold new experimental stuff have a cycle to settle down).

    Oh, and this is kind of a random thing, but since the issue of gaming on Linux has come up from time to time and since you also have a Wii, I thought I’d mention this. If you’ve never heard of Cave Story, you might want to give it a quick look sometime:

    original site –
    Wii site –

    It’s a free old school Metroid-like indie game with roughly 8-bit level graphics, and it has been ported to several platforms, including Linux, and with an enhanced WiiWare port soon to be released. The most amazing thing about the game is that the entire thing–the graphics and art design, music, coding, everything–was done by just one person.

  2. Will, firstly I cannot understand why your posts get held for moderation, Im sorry if its taken a while for this to get posted but I have just noticed it.

    In answer to your questions. I dont use multiple monitors so have no experience. I have two machines on my desk (and two monitors) however one is running Gentoo and the other AROS.

    Quote “Even though each new Ubuntu version tends to be better than the last, I often get stuck in my own “won’t leave XP” ”

    Completely agree, Im always worried to “push the boat” and upgrade when Im more than happy with my current version. At the moment I have an excuse, I have alot of data that needs backing up, so Ive been playing with 9.04 on a 3rd machine located elsewhere in the house.

    In answer to your final point – Ill take a look.

    Im currently running on a 68k emu project with a few friends and Im very interested in the whole indi development genre. On a (sort of) related note, Ive been playing with emulators on the DS. Very bizzare playing an 8bit classic from your youth on the Nintendo DS!
    (If you didnt see an earlier article, Im using an R5)

    Will, nice to get a post from you.

    I hope I said this before to you, but if you ever want to write articles for this site on your take on FOSS etc youre more than welcome. Just drop me a line.

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