Microsoft #FAIL & news roundup

Hes being reported as "lost for words".  There will be no prancing around the stage in a sweaty shirt this week.  Bad week for Microsoft?
Hes being reported as "lost for words". There will be no prancing around the stage in a sweaty shirt this week. Bad week for Microsoft?

So after we have seen some recent crowing by Microsoft in relation to advertising and a fishing program (who knows)?!? Now heres the not so good news.  Digg is reported to have ended its exclusive advertising partnership with Microsoft over a year before it was due to expire.  The deal, which began in 2007 was intended to be one for three years and one which Microsoft was (IMO) very proud of at the time.

“You’ll continue to see us be aggressive in this field,” said Steve Berkowitz at the time.

Well, you can be whatever you want.  Difficult to be aggressive if youre not wanted though isnt it?

How about some more (IMO) crowing at the time by Stevie:

“Our collaboration with Digg is about bringing our advertising technology and sales force to one of the fastest-growing sites on the Web and a true innovator in user-generated content,”

One of the fastest growing sites that no longer seems to want your money, eh Microsoft?


So it appears the global change in opinion is not simply limited to users being aware of alternatives?   That might have been the first piece of bad news for Ballmer, second piece comes from

where there is an interesting article in waning sales of proprietary software and an increase in FOSS.  Another change on the horizon?  Since the ignorant or the MS faithful like to think that FOSS is simply Linux, we are seeing an increase in awareness and (IMO) take up of packages such as OpenOffice and who can leave out the inroads FireFox has made into IE’s market share?

Or what about this article entitled “Microsoft to open source: Please don’t compete on price!” are we going to see some of those crocodile tears that were mentioned over at Boycott Novell recently?

Ive said repeatedly before, I am not in the habit of championing or praising rubbish. If FOSS was not (in my honest held opinion) better than the proprietary alternatives I have previously used at home, then I would not be here.  I have yet to find an area of computing/IT “off limits” to me because of my choice of OS/software solutions, infact I find its quite the opposite, I am far more productive at home since I migrated to 100% FOSS a long time ago.  Ive never regretted it.

If you have been considering giving Linux a go, you should consider Ubuntu as a very good place to start.  This userfriendly distro allows new users to easily experience Linux (with a massive helpful community).  In the next few days Ubuntu 9.04 will be released,  what better time to give it go?  Visit: there are of course many other distros available and in my opinion you wont go far wrong with many of the mainstream ones visit:


I think its quite old news that Oracle have bought Sun (reportedly to the surprise of both Microsoft and IBM)

The lovable Stevie Ballmer (who always puts me in mind of a used car salesman) was apparently lost for words when approached in Moscow by reporters and asked about his opinions on the Oracle/Sun deal. “I need to think about it,” was allegedly all he could manage, which is in stark contrast to the Ballmer we know and love: (Watch that Ballmer strut his stuff!)

You can read an article in regards to our “thinking” favorite CEO with links over on Cnet:

Windows fail at Kings Cross Station London - Thanks to Giles Phelps for the photo and being at the right place at the right time!
Windows fail at Kings Cross Station London - Thanks to dancraig for the photo and being at the right place at the right time!


Whilst monitoring #Microsoft over on Twitter, I bumped into this very nice chap who had taken one of the always amusing Microsoft fail photos.

After the photographer dancraig had taken this, he proudly placed it on twitpic and was announced on #microsoft by Giles Phelps .  What happened next for me was interesting, since he reported on his Twitter a short while later:

“my recent tweets about #microsoft #fail at #KingsCross has gained me a follower from said company & quite a few port sniffs…?!”

Who is port sniffing Giles Phelps?

Why has he recieved a follower from Microsoft?

After this was posted he then goes on to say a short time later:

“Ok so now I have two employees of #microsoft following me… Is this corporate stalking…? I need a retweets to save me..!!! #RT”

These type of antics have been discussed on other sites, and even here I recieved the Microsoftlegal follower around the time I challenged Microsoft on the #microsoft tag within Twitter.  I would like to stress that I do not know if Microsoftlegal is legit or not, which makes me think I should send an email to Microsoft informing them.  If it is legit, fine.  If its not, its another Optionetics type fake Ive exposed.

I have to thank dancraig for giving me permission to use his excellent photo.  You can visit him on twitter:

Cheers dancraig!

Goblin –

5 thoughts on “Microsoft #FAIL & news roundup

  1. quote: “One of the fastest growing sites that no longer seems to want your money, eh Microsoft?”
    What money? Microsoft is nearly bankrupt and is approaching debt.

  2. LOL,
    is say a little bit OTT since I believe even if that were the case, MS (IMO) could find money either from investors or via its patent portfolio.

    Nice to see you back btw!


  3. You’ve now seen the anarchy over at MS Watch too. As far as I can tell, all this impersonation (of both pro-MS and pro-alternative posters) and the flood of nonsensical and abusive posts just sort of popped up within the last 2-3 days. This time was both more severe and more chaotic/erratic than the last time we saw a string of impersonation on MS Watch. Any thoughts on what might be driving the crazies out of the woodwork this time? For all that to spring up so suddenly and completely drown the comments section in nonsense (more so than usual, even for MS Watch) makes me wonder if something is up.

  4. If I had to name only one cause I think it would be Ubuntu.

    Look at Neowin and have a look at the article which mentions Ubuntu, see how many commenters are looking forward to the release, how many are going to give it a try and how many already use it.

    A Neowin staff member claimed that they received 300k+ hits a day. If that is correct then I think thats its an encouraging sign. If as some MS faithful will state so many people love Microsoft products above all else, where are they? Why are we not seeing forums being flooded with great comments about Microsoft products?

    Id suggest its because people, now more than ever are more open to the possibility that a decent piece of software doesnt have to have the Microsoft logo on it.

    I would think Microsoft would see this and the 9.04 release as being something of a threat, especially in times of recession when people are going to be even less willing to dip into their pockets.

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