A trend has started! – Two unblocks in as many days!

It started the other day when I reported that Chakkaradeep had unblocked me from his Twitter.  I took that as an encouraging sign and half expected Chakkaradeep to either appologize for what I considered to be a misleading statement about OpenSUSE or actually justify it.  Obviously the later is not possible (IMO) as there are no “magic beans” in the OpenSUSE distro which either put it above or give it an advantage over any other distro.  If there was would Canonical be wiping the floor in terms of popularity?

The basis for my challenge to him still stands and as well as wanting him to explain his implication, I also wonder why Chakkaradeep who according to his profile (and general twits) implys a great use of and experience on Microsoft products would choose OpenSUSE out of all the available distros?

You all know where Im going with this, since IMO after the “deal” Novell and Microsoft signed, OpenSUSE is (IMO) the closest thing to an officially endorsed Microsoft Linux you are going to get.

Back on topic though, it now appears Andre Da Costa, the man whose blatant Microsoft PR cut & paste posting was one of the reasons why I started this blog in the first place has also unblocked me.  Coincidence?  Im sure it is, however how do you think I was “introduced” to Chakkaradeep?  Andre Da Costa’s Twitter of course!  I said about a week ago, the famous saying “All roads lead to Rome” (IMO) and my experience to date is “All roads lead to Andre Da Costa

Id also like to take this opportunity (since Ive recieved 20,000 hits) to say thank you.  Thank you to everyone who emails me with information, thank you to everyone who abuses me (you give me more resolve to continue) but a special thanks to Andre Da Costa, who I believe if we hadnt met on Microsoft Watch those months ago, I dont think I would be running this site now.

Id also like to thank all the new people Ive met who I hope I can consider online friends.  Roy from Boycott Novell, Chips from Microsoft Watch, Philosopher, Marco, Will (all MS Watch) ,WinObs and countless others who I hope will forgive me for forgetting them.  I will hopefully have my next thank you post at 100,000 and I hope this post does not come across as me being “self important” since it is sincere thanks and gratitude to everyone for giving me a pasttime which I am enjoying greatly.

Cheers all,

Goblin – bytes4free@googlemail.com.


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