Short update – Unblocked by Chaks?

Ive been away for the day and very busy with work.  Ive spent most of it on the A1 Ive just walked through the door.  Going off on a non-IT subject for a minute, whilst on the way home (and after a total of about 7hours in the car, I passed going southbound on the A1 about 1 mile from sterling corner the longest convoy of work trucks with flashing amber lights Ive ever seen.     You driving down the A1 tomorrow?  It may be a miserable experience.

I hope nobody is waiting for a response from me, as best I can see there isnt.

If there is and I miss it in the next few minutes, Im sorry, Im going to bed.

Ive checked email, and Twitter, and the only thing I want to update is something which Ive just discovered.   A hit coming in from Chakaradeeps twitter account to this one, strange? not really, but since I now appear to be unblocked I am left wondering why.

Could Chaks be ready to finally answer that fact which I challenged him on?  I hope so.  He will be welcome here if/when he does.

I would like to know why he blocked and then unblocked me, but really thats not important if hes finally willing to answer the challenge put to him.

One tired Goblin going to bed.

Goblin –


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