I had intended on going to bed, so this piece of “news” was a little unwelcome at this hour.

That being said, since Ive already recieved emails asking about this, I thought Id do a quick update with a more comprehensive one once Ive gone through the IRC logs and presented it properly.

Firstly Id like to say that Im such a threat that the exposers are people of importance.  Id like to say that Ive frightened someone so much they’ve gone all out to expose what they think is Goblin.

Unfortunately I cant, the two involved are a pair of script-kiddies Ive had dealings with in the past, when I exposed and thwarted their feeble attempts to bring down a site.

I know many of you will consider this “exposure” of exposers a waste of time.   Maybe it is, but maybe it shows the activities on the net that people are willing to stoop to.  Thats the hope anyway.

Above all else OpenBytes has encouraged free and open discussion, not becaue of some crusade against Microsoft (please check where I give credit where its due) not because I want a mass migration to the Linux platform (Ive said repeatedly thats the last thing I want) but because simple challenging encourages debate, passion & interest, something which can only be good for the end user.

The proof of this ethos is on the site, if I hadnt hounded and challenged the Twitterer “Optionetics” then the imposter who was using the name of a honest legitimate company who offer stockmarket education wouldnt have been exposed promoting Microsoft stock for whatever reason they had. (this story is documented here including the thank you message I recieved from the real company)

If challenging didnt take place in regards to comments such as “Linux needs a compiler to play a DVD” then there may be users mislead.  All im after is the debate of honest held belief so that as a result of diverse opinion users can make their own judgment on what is right for them.

Can you imagine an internet where one companies products get all the bandwidth?  Would that be good for the end user?  Would that be good for anyone?  and if one particular company is allowed to “run the show” how much of a good deal do you think the end user would get.  Competition be it from Microsoft, Apple, Canonical or anyone else can only be good for any product.

Going back to our script-kiddies theres very little else I can add until ive collated the IRC logs, theres a little humor in there as they get increasingly excited with their expose, I think the penny may have dropped and they realize they have an article here, but I still think it will make an interesting distraction from the usual Linux is better because……. or Microsoft has……. articles here.

One of the comments made by an emailer was I they held in contempt my actions on the Net (in particular in regards to this) my response would be that I treat people with the dignitity they give me, Aaron for example, had no amusing pictures on his article since he did nothing except put his point across.  Where does his link lead?  I dont know but Im happy to post it since I said I would on the basis of his posting here.

In the meantime tomorrow ontop of our IRC logs, we will have a few articles breaking the myths that are said about Linux.  We’ve got some unique comments from a user and his “DirectX stuff”, and we may also have a little bit of a celebration since it looks like my little blog may hit 20,000.

As always I welcome your comments, but in particular your challenges and debate.

Goblin – bytes4free@googlemail.com