Or/ Opps I did it again

UPDATE 14/04/09 – There seems to be an issue with my choice of title.  Since IMO Neowin is a dedicated Windows site (and just to stop Marshalus making further allegation, I am not suggesting its Microsoft owned)  Visit Neowin site and ask yourself, does this cater more for the windows user both in its tips/articles and its reporters own interests?  If the answer is yes than Id say it a dedicated to the Windows platform, ergo Windows dedicated site (no inference made)

Neowin, the site which for the most part is Microsoft dedicated has just announced another revelation.  Due to uncorroborated representations made that Neowins editor has no part/voice/involvement in the the direction of the Neowin site.  I have crossed the original sentence and would now suggest as per comments section that the Neowins editor is testing Ubuntu without any official direction from the site (as per comments from Aaron).  Since I believe the editor echo’s the direction of the site, Id suggest otherwise, but since a couple of commenters have spent numerous posts making their points, its only fair the matter gets questioned.  Does an editor have involvement in the direction of a publication or site?  Ill let you decide.    Its been suggested by a user the Neowin twitter account is the only place for official Neowin direction.  I suggest you check that and maybe we can now ask Neowin to confirm if it does or doesnt support and champion Marshalus’s testing of Ubuntu.  Now you may continue on with the article.  Its editor Marshalus is trying out Ubuntu 9.04 beta.

Marshalus had this to say on his twitter:

Hope I can tweet this without making The FOSS Goblin mad… Playing some more with Ubuntu 9.04 beta.


Not at all.  Im pleased a site with a Microsoft themes editor is interested in the Linux platform.  Thats an encouraging sign when the editor of a site called Neowin wants to try it out.  Maybe other users who have only used Microsoft products may want to take this opportunity to give it a go aswell?

Before we get excited about Marshalus’s revelation we do have to remember two things:

1/ Marshalus has yet to appologize for the childish “tin hat” comment he made.

2/ He is also yet to explain where the “freebies” Neowin receives actually go and which reporters receive them.

Hopefully Marshalus will have learnt from Chakkaradeep that incorrect remarks in respect of ANY distro will be challenged, I look forward to seeing his opinions.

Lets hope Marshalus is not simply running it in a VM and actually experiencing it properly.

Again (2nd time) I offer Marshalus the opportunity to appologize for his previous remarks and answer the questions in regards to his site recieving freebies.

In the meantime heres the twitter of another Neowin reporter who looks like he is on standby should Marshalus get into difficulties:


I wonder if he receives any of the freebies Marshalus mentioned in his right of reply?

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