Goblins identity is out!

I wish that this hadnt happened tonight since Im not able to savour the “doh” moment one particular user is going to have.

Recently there have been numerous attempts to gain my real identity.  Ive spent alot of time setting up fakes and deadends, and good job I did, in the past there have been some rather vulgar libelous claims about me.

Over the last few days, one of my sources informed me that a certain user (dont worry I have your IP) was asking questions and doing a little research.  I couldnt prove that this activity was taking place, so what I thought Id do is a little test.

Take a look at one of the previous posts.  Where my openbytes email usually is, I have replaced it with paulmcdermott4@googlemail.com (a legitimate email btw, I created it a few days ago)  I hoped that anyone looking for my identity would see it and think by accident I had typed in my personal one (and since the address is paulmcdermott it would be reasonable of them to assume its my name)

Unfortunately for them its not.  Just like a previous attempt (documented here) to find my details where the “exposer” actually thought my name was that of a fictional senile robot from a popular UK scifi comedy, I stayed with the comedy theme, since I am partial to it.

I even gave a clue to the email address being fake when the article ran with the alternative title of Or/ Opps I did it again that was apparently lost on our wouldbe online investigator, and even now my “real identity” is the subject of emails which have been passed to me by sources who the exploiters beleive are their “collegues”  I wonder how long before they notice this post?  There will be an update when they do, but without further ado lets reveal who they are thinking is me, and you’ll see why I had the alt title of “opps I did it again”

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Paul Mcdermott, formally of the Doug Anthony All Stars and certainly not Goblin of OpenBytes! Enjoy!

Bless you pesky exposers!. – You’ll like the followup post to this. – Oops I certainly did do it again.  Thats twice now youve failed.

Goblin – bytes4free@googlemail.com


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